Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Despite the fact that I won’t get any readers, I hope you all read my profile before you commence with whatever negative reaction you have about me.

If you don’t read my profile, I’ll just go ahead and give you the skinny right here.

Firstly, I’m fluent in Gamalielese (quick hint, it involves President Harding) and I’m told I’m hilarious.

Don’t expect a central theme to my blog, I can go from talking about professional wrestling and anime to rap music and politics, this is essentially a more in-depth version of my twitter.

Now, unlike most writers, I’m gonna admit that I’m BIASED AS HECK and I will make completely absurd opinions that may offend but once again, I’m biased. I can see from both sides but I’m still gonna pick one (if possible, anyway).

Every so often, I may throw out a fun fact or a trivia thing or maybe some how-to’s that I’m learning just to keep my blog interesting, but don’t expect much.

Read on, or don’t, I don’t care.


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