Sup WordPress, Here’s what you’re getting from me

For one thing, I’m not paying for jack on the internet.

Well, I should have done this years ago…Oh wait I frickin did. And even though, it was angsty teenage foolishness, I was still making it very clear that I exist, albeit miserably.

Sometimes I went into a lot of subjects into just one LJ post “article” but fuck it, if anyone decides to write a book about how awesome I kinda was or could have been (by the way, thanks in advance), you got years worth of source material in that angry-ass link.

For one thing, I curse a lot and I’m actually trying my hardest to stop and I’ve been replacing phrases lately. I use “mothernature” instead of “motherf…”, I use “repubs” instead of “ni..” and I use “sexing” or “frickin” instead of “fu…” just to increase my vocabulary.

Now onto what the title says, In my entries, I read stuff and watch stuff sometimes so expect book reviews of stuff that aren’t new.

I watch wrestling so expect to hear me ramble about that.

I tend to dive into social issues and I’m so self obsessed that when I’m not posting up stuff on my Facebook, LiveJournal or Tumblr (or whatever else), I’m probably gonna be posting here about my input on stuff that’s going on.

When I’m not doing that, I’m probably posting up some randomness I just recently learned about from the stuff I’m reading.

I provide warnings before all my post because as mentioned in my “about me” part of my profile, I’m very biased and don’t care about someone disagreeing with me (because it’s an opinion, I never said what I’m saying is true, it’s just what I believe) so if people are so interested in getting triggered after I practically say at the beginning, “DON’T READ THIS IF YOU’RE EASILY OFFENDED” and you’re easily offended and you read it…your stupidity is on you, bud.

Expect more, or don’t, whatevs.


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