Election Season, mofos (bias warning)

Now’s probably a good time to mention that I hate “businessmen”, they don’t do work. An athlete plays a sport, a creator creates, a performer performs, a builder builds, an artist does art, what do “businessmen” do that earns them more money than stuff that actual workers do?

Instead I’m gonna tell you who I’m not voting for and that option should be pretty obvious if you haven’t read my last entry.

The sad part is that I don’t see the donald as a horrible person nor do I wish death on him or his family like the more developmentally challenged radicals do.

I’m just aware that even the smartest person can be pushed to make irrational decisions when angered so imagine an angered donald in office. Being president is an emotionally draining job and anyone that’s ever sat in that chair can testify to that. I bet our current President right now is just happy to leave so people can stop blaming him for bad weather (even though they still will if idiocy persists…and it will, sadly).

I’m not voting for the donald, though. I mean, I understand that he’s a fresh face to the political world than the politicians that supposedly lie less than he does (proof pending).

However, at the end of the day, he’s just some lazy rich guy who manages to say the wrong thing almost every week. Now, I agree that most of it isn’t his fault, some stuff he says does get put out of context and the media does indeed kinda bully the guy but he hasn’t said anything that’ll actually help anyone. Building walls don’t help America because that can start a war with Mexico…I mean what if their head guy in charge of Mexico says “dude, I told you I’m not paying for it, quit asking” and Trump be like “I’ll make you”, and with Congress being like being mostly lazy Conservatives, they’d probably jump all over that.

Combine that with the whole Muslim registration thing, the crap he say about women, insulting his opponents with actual name calling all while hiding his tax returns (if he even has any), that’s just too many things (and more) that makes me concerned what kind of President he may be and let’s be honest, with the country being run by billionaires in the first place, I’m sure somewhere, Rothschild, Vanderbilt and Koch is jerking off to that very possibility.

Yeah, I’m not voting for a guy that’s filthy rich and can’t find commitment to join a gym. If watching TV has taught me anything is to never trust a fat rich guy.


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