“If you don’t like it, get out!” (trigger warning)

I actually really hate that I have political opinions.

Random Troll with too much free time that thinks that bugging some no-name on the internet is some sort of accomplishment: “Then stop talking, then”

Okay, this post is named after the generic comeback to any suggestion of any actual change be it negative or positive.

Now it may be because I’m from Lousiana but I hear a lot of people that call themselves “Republican” and “Conservative” say this phrase a lot, I have no idea what a “Conservative” or “Republican” is anymore, but as a black man, I figure it’s safer to not try to dive into that.

All I know is that after looking up those words in the dictionary, it has strong ties to the word “tradition” which I can support if “tradition” in America wasn’t like slavery, genocide, misogyny, xenophobia, racism, homophobia (President Buchanan) and a lot of gun violence underneath a possible bunch of lazy sociopaths that may or may not have profited from it all (and I’m just talking about before the Civil War).

What I hate the most about this phrase is that in America, it’s pretty obvious that the people with the worst issues (the poor, the elderly, the sick…pretty much anyone that isn’t a rich person or maybe a soldier) really can’t just pick up and leave like how you suggest.

Are y’all aware of how expensive a one way trip out the county is to a person that has to work to pay for rent, car insurance, car note, health insurance, groceries, gas, college tuition, utilities and this is just without a kid to raise and not having to pay all that and diapers, baby food and a health plan for the baby and that’s if you’re an actual family and someone doesn’t have to pay child support.

Not only that but you have to pit the fact that some people don’t get the job that they want so they get a job that they don’t want which pays a fuck less than what most folks need every month.

I mean, after expenses, some people are so deep in the financial hole that they have to hope and pray that they can make something go viral on the internet for any extra money (most don’t, surprisingly).

What stuns me is how a person that practically gets dealt a bad hand for just being in the wrong situation at the wrong time that still somehow manages to survive in a country that doesn’t care about it is considered “lazy” or some jack-noise like that while some blowhard radioactive orange thing with a bad hairdo does NOTHING for like YEARS and is the Republican nominee.

I mean, the whole “if you don’t like it, get out” statement just shows how lazy some people are to actually do any work to make a better America and that’s just sad.


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