Henshin Hype, baby!

Never believe that I think for one second that something I type is actually accurate, I’ll never declare that as long as I have a WordPress. I’m opinionated, biased and open about it.

As a kid, I was given a lot of grief whether it was for wearing glasses or reading books or just having a weird face (or maybe because in America we congratulate pointless aggression…which may or may not be an overall human concept).

But one thing I remember that was completely unreasonable was getting picked on for was “watching Power Rangers” which couldn’t really be proven back then but if a kid shouts “you watch Power Rangers” loud enough, it was supposed to be the equivalent of being something bad.

Fast forward a few years later with all these superhero movies being made and the lives of the actors and actresses being only a click away and now everyone is all excited for the Power Rangers from the kids that weren’t even alive for Mighty Morphin’ to the people my age that apparently were “always fans”.

Now I’m not saying that the not-so-nerdy types can’t be fans of Power Rangers (or any other kind of Tokusatsu) but what I’m saying is that this has been the legacy of remakes and posers. And it’s getting pretty annoying to see everyone jump on the Nerd train after years of guys like us being the minority for like years. I mean, it used to be that indulging in media or reading a book or even having a high pitched voice was practically sex repellent and now it’s supposed to be “quirky”  and “cute”.

Can’t lie, we’re progressing because now the people that used to ridicule this lifestyle now wanna follow it…and change it, somewhat but at the same time, I kinda got this conflict where I’m personally wanting to teach them the ways of the nerd and the other being like “this our club, go-way!” (in my best James Hong voice)…sorry, been reading the Joy Luck Club.

But seriously, it’s at this very realization that I realize why I don’t have a political affiliation.


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