Zayn over…

The title is a play on the phrase “game over”.

For those that don’t speak wrestling, being “over” can mean that the crowd loves you, you get a good reaction (called “pop”), that kinda thing.

Look, I can’t explain this enough but I’m 100% biased. I speak opinions on a personal level and will openly admit that the only person who should legitimately think anything I say is a hundred percent true is me and me alone.

So if you hate my post for “being wrong” then that’s on you, bud.

So I was watching WWE’s Clash of Champions and the show was at least a C- at best. The other people I was watching it with may or may not disagree at the end of the day.

Now, I noticed a lot of good stuff in the show  like Cesaro/Sheamus having a great match with a bad finish despite me having no reaction for Sheamus at all, Perkins/Spanky was good even though part of me really was looking for it to be Alexander/Perkins but meh, we all can’t get what we want.

Either way,  I noticed Sami Zayn lost to Chris Jericho. Now, for those that know nothing about WWE or Pro Wrestling in general, Sami Zayn used to be El Generico and practically travelled the world proving his mettle against best frenemy, Kevin Steen (a man who I despise) before losing the mask and his name and going on to become WWE NXT Champion.

History lesson aside, Zayn has proven that he can not only be a great competitor with great matches but the crowd just loves him despite not having an actual character (which is debatable but I just see him as ’08-’10 Cena).

Zayn actually has a lot riding on a victory against Chris Jericho who is…just legendary at the brisk age of 45. Chris Jericho has done everything in WWE except be King of the Ring and win a Rumble…he does those things and he’s practically the only wrestler to do practically everything.

With that being said, Jericho can stand to lose the match because y’know, won’t be a dent in his record (defeated Austin and Rock in the same night!).

And he wins.

I’m not the type to read dirtsheets or any online rumor mills about professional sports because I’m one of those true marks that likes surprises but from what my friends told me, Generico is kinda difficult to work with and supposedly he’s getting backstage heat and I personally don’t believe that’s true but considering how he beat the guy who would eventually become champ at the prior pay-per-view while he’s losing to legend (which is kind of a huge demotion) just seems a little jacked up.

As much as I hate to say it, Zayn’s not over anymore, he’s just…over.


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