Maybe the Elephant is the wrong choice

Look, I didn’t watch the debate, okay.

I’m a wrestling fan, I was too busy watching Monday Night Raw.

But in the flurry of responses that followed, I got the gist of what may have happened, supposedly Holt was biased or something about Clinton.

And Trump practically admitted to not paying taxes.

On Live TV.

Listen, as mentioned before, I don’t think that Trump is a bad dude, I do think that he has a really bad habit of saying the wrong thing.

Which isn’t smart.

Which is why I sometimes call him Dumb Donald.

What infuriates me is the responses I’ve gotten after talking about it on facebook, now these are Louisiana hicks so you may need to throw them a bone but some of those responses practically give every excuse for him (“do YOU pay deductions at your job?”, “He was talking about deductions”) to celebrating and agreeing with what Trump has done (“He’s just using the law that HILLARY supported”, “Every citizen can do it, he’s just smart enough to know how, wouldn’t you do it too?”, “Why should he have to pay taxes if he earned his billions?”) .

Now look, I’m no huge fan of Conservatism but I do agree with one concept of being loyal to who you were in the olden days.

If one of these deplorables were to encounter a regular person who isn’t a billionaire not paying taxes, that regular person would feel the wrath of the rabid republican in a loud and oddly worded ass chewing.

Look, I’m not saying you have to hate Trump but if Obama admitted he has never paid taxes tomorrow, I’d regret voting for him because if I gotta pay taxes, he do too.

That’s like saying that you’re against robbery when a poor person does it but you’re okay with it when a rich guy does it (which essentially is also a thing for some people).

What kind of sense do that make?

The way I see it, if you’re a Trump supporter/Republican/Conservative, you can’t ever use terms demeaning the impoverished ever again which includes “lazy”, “welfare queen”, “burgerflipper”, “section 8”, “food stamps” and “ratchet” among many others because you practically saying that it’s okay for your nominee to be a lazy fat douche that doesn’t pay taxes, the same thing y’all claim to hate.

Either Conservatives nowadays are self loathing morons or they really just forgot that they used to hate this kind of thing.

And elephants never forget.


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