A short entry about Anime

I believe that the problem with Humanity is that everyone REALLY wants to be divided.

Like, there’s a huge difference between wanting to be different and just hating things.

The problem with the Anime community is that being a fan is stigmatized a lot already.

So the fandom wars are just, annoying.

It’s no secret that we’re all completely incapable of actually coming together for anything, which is why when that actually happens, something amazing happens (like your favorite media based thing or just a better world entirely).

Okay, as mentioned before, I like Anime and manga and with my slight experience, I’d like to think I know what I’m into, what I’m not into and what I can get into. Notice how I put myself into those categories.

The problem with the anime community (and just communities in general) is that they assume that their opinion is fact and use that to try to persuade people.

Which is fucked up (I don’t want to curse but that’s just the best way I can put it)

Now, I like a series called Thunderbolt Fantasy, a compelling story about a badass named Shan that gets thrust into an epic journey by some pipe smoking mystery guy who doesn’t use his real name.

It’s actually pretty epic.

But the Anime community looks at it and be like “fucking puppet shit! THIS SHIT AIN’T DRAWN, IT’S NOT ANIME,RAWRRR! we already don’t like it”.

Now, I’m not saying that you have to like the show but if you’re gonna not like it, let it be because it doesn’t compel you as far as plot is concerned, y’know? Don’t just down it because it’s puppets because that’s just dumb.


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