Well, Trump supporters aren’t that dumb, right?

I REALLY didn’t want to do another post about Trump.

I really didn’t.

Some random loser: “Then don’t, fag”

Okay, now that I got that out the way.

Look, it clearly doesn’t take long for Trump to make the news. I honestly think he’s purposely seeing what he can get away with before people realize “wow, we’re  really the bottom of the barrel, aren’t we?”.

I mean, the guy disses McCain for getting locked up as a POW, he disses women to no end (not including Rosie O’ Donnel, Megyn Kelly, Carly FiorinaHeidi Cruz, maybe or maybe not putting a bit of a hit out on Hillary Clinton and shaming Alicia Machado to name a few), supposedly has a court date for some kiddy-diddler thing and some scam school he (maybe) ran before admitting to being “smart” enough to not pay taxes after sorta lying about that too and all of this before he said that military people that get PTSD are not strong.

Look, Republicans, I get it. Your team has lost the past eight years (except not really because y’all still got Congress) and you’re loyal but at this point, this dude has made it very clear that he doesn’t care about your morals (whatever they were).

At one time, “I pay my taxes” was the Republican battle cry before they lay waste into some “welfare queen” or “food stamp” using “liberal” (or “Progressive) or some “freeloader” that they “waste taxes” on before going into some egregious rhetoric towards how the troops deserve better treatment.

Now, they’re justifying a guy that doesn’t pay taxes and talks smack about the troops.

You ever seen a parent with a dreadful kid that they just make every single excuse for? They’re not “bad”, they’re “energetic”. They’re not “violent”, they’re “spirited”.

I mean, that’s the vibe I’m getting from some of these people except they can’t replace “tax evading lazy hypocrite” so they just say “well, what he’s doing is legal and is gonna help everyone in the long run” with no explanation as to how.

Look, this blind devotion towards a somewhat womanizing simpleton that’s famous for using words incorrectly and hopes to just wing it in office before bringing in people to help is  how you get something worse than a Harding presidency.

You DO NOT want another Harding Presidency because at least he WAS experienced.


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