Internet Reviewers: Everybody’s a Critic

Thanks to the internet, everyone has a platform to utilize and express their opinions.

And depending on how eloquent or hilarious the opinion is, the person responsible may get some actual factual fame on the matter.

Except that person doesn’t matter.

What I hate are the people that make these people famous.

Like my god! Can y’all think for yourselves at least once?

I mean, I think that what disappoints me is that most of these folks with an opinion has like almost zero experience in what they’re talking about.

I talk about Donald Trump the past few entries but I’ve only recently got interested in Politics maybe a year and a half ago (during the Bernie Boom) and I don’t, by any means, consider myself a “Political Commentator” so should anyone decide to cite me during their internet political debates, I’ll personally be like “why me, though?”

Because simply put, that’s just my opinion and I’m openly biased against a few things.

What I hate is how people put critics opinion on such a high level and use that critic’s input to judge anything. I liked Pluto Nash, I didn’t think Booker T vs. Bagwell was that bad of a match and other than the notorious laugh (which if you pay attention, was supposed to be bad), I don’t see the problem with Tidus from Final Fantasy 10.

I think what happens is that people forget that they have their own brains and just want something negative to agree with in a form of good ol’ American mob mentality. Because y’know, nothing says “Murica” like “let’s all hate something together”.

I think that Wrestlers are pretty cool (I used to dabble in the form myself at one time) but if they were “critiquing” like some kind of NASA Space rocket, I’d probably not care about what they have to say simply because…they’re not astronauts.

What I’m saying is that I’ll rarely if ever give a crap about what some critic or “reviewer” says about anything because at the end of the day, their opinion don’t mean dick to me because I got my own brain to think with and sometimes I go against popular opinion.

But you’ll rarely hear me say “because they told me to” when it comes to my way of thinking.


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