My Negative Thoughts about WWE

Now if you haven’t figured out by now, I’m 1010% biased and I’m running off of a super high after having a short conversation with Gene Yang (yes, I’m one of those dumb nerd types).

Look, as probably discovered already, I’m a fan of Pro Wrestling which means that I’m one of those types that like to see almost completely choreographed and rehearsed fights because they’re awesome.

Hell, I’ve actually performed at some point in time before realizing I’m not good enough to be a pro so the whole “it’s fake” discussion with me will result in me asking you to name one thing that’s remotely entertaining that isn’t.

Okay, here’s my thoughts about World Wrestling Entertainment. The big one, the one that’s been around forever and has the National Wrestling Alliance, World Championship Wrestling, Extreme Championship Wrestling and possibly Total Nonstop Action to borderline obscurity.

Look, there’s no secret here that World Wrestling Entertainment is the top of the mountain but the biggest problem with winning is that there’s no competition left so you can pretty much do whatever you want and after years of age, complacency and some random bouts of laziness. WWE can be considered a watered down version of what it used to be and let’s be honest, compared to WCW in it’s heyday, it wasn’t that great of a show to begin with.

If not for shock rock and no Internet, WWE wouldn’t have gotten as much response as it did but thanks to the shocking moments B.I. (Before Internet), it flourished.

Now I go into why I don’t like the product now.

One of the big reasons is that there’s no sharing of the spotlight, there always have to be a main guy and just about everything important centralized around that one guy. So should that guy get injured or some smack like that, then it’s kind of a game of mid-card hot potato until that guy comes back and what’s sad about that is that the winner of hot potato somehow manages to get the love of the fans and is pushed back when creative decides that the attention is off the main guy. I mean, look at Zach Ryder and Damien Sandow.

Another reason why I’m not a fan of WWE is because they hire businessmen to run the company. These yahoos don’t know anything about wrestling and probably couldn’t tell you any wrestler that came into fruition after Ric Flair (to be fair, Flair is a pretty recognizable figure…in the freakin’ ’80s!). So why is WWE putting these low-rate Donald Trump wannabes to own a fed. Look, the way I see it is that WWE started to suck when the fans weren’t completely part of the fed anymore. Any fan could tell you that Sandow is money and any fan could tell you how to push DDP in the right direction but instead y’all chose to follow retards with suits and briefcases instead of people that have stayed loyal to y’all product for years.

One Big reason why I don’t like WWE is how much leniency the guys that don’t wrestle get. One dude apparently laughed at a racist joke in front of Mexico’s greatest import, Alberto…Del Rio, and instead of getting on that guy’s ass about pissing off a performer. They fire Del Rio.

This is the same company that fires wrestlers because “Creative doesn’t know what to do with them”…it’s their goddamn job to be creative, it’s in the name of the position! What sense does it make to fire a guy that’s willing to work because some douche just chooses not to?

I don’t see myself ever being a hot piece that WWE wanna get off the market to be a part of their show but I tell you this: They’re gonna have to give me a WHOLE lotta money to let me work there because after all the crap I’ve heard through the shoots and everything, it’s pretty safe to say that WWE is a professionally unsafe environment.


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