‘Murica the Masochistic: Spank me harder

Okay, what is it about being rude, crass, or straight up ill mannered that get people wet in the pants?

I mean, as a kid watching shows like Beakman’s World, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Sesame Street, Arthur and Barney (I’m probably the only person that actually liked Barney as a kid), I was introduced to the concepts that learning stuff is fun and being nice to people is universally needed and accepted.

Only to  get mistreated and almost tortured for how I looked and sounded which correlated with being “smart”  (I’m actually a complete failure at life and have been since childhood and no, that’s not low self esteem)…

At school, the place where I’m supposed to be learning stuff in the most fun ways imaginable.

How the fuck did we get here?

Now back in the day,  I actually found being a prick to be cool too because when I felt I had the chance, it gave me the ability to make others as miserable as I was and then suddenly, almost in a flash, I gained empathy and actually started to see that maybe people were going through hell too and just weren’t as vocal about it as I was.

There was also the fact that I couldn’t really hurt people as badly as I wanted to and that just killed my self esteem even further.

Nowadays, I rarely ever want to just hurt someone but if I normally have something negative to say, I just don’t.

“What about the shit you say about Trump?”

That fucker has a chance of being in charge of our country for four years if he doesn’t go all Emperor Trump and try to lengthen his extension or decides to go to war with Mexico over a wall that he put the country in further debt for.

And speaking of Trump, this article is sadly about him too.

It used to be that people were ashamed of doing and saying horrible shit. Like, you rarely ever hear people brag about bullying people in their younger years or laud it as some kind of great thing. Meanwhile nowadays, people give ratings to fistfights recorded at middle schools, congratulate girls that get pregnant at ages as young as 16 and just say “hey, people don’t need to stop being dicks, people just need to toughen up” when in reality, the same people have this mentality are probably the biggest wimps growing up or never actually had a bad day in their actual lives.

I honestly believe that the rise of trump is simply because Americans have this borderline sick and twisted S&M thing going on. Rather than ease the pain, they want to be responsible for giving (and sometimes receiving) as much pain as possible and what better way than to vote in a guy that practically says “I’m gonna ruin and divide the country and there’s nothing you can really do about it” with a big ol’ grin from his jet/flying house that you may have paid for (because lord knows he didn’t).

I see that people being the way they are at this point is simply because they instinctively not only don’t want to shun the asshole but they find the asshole dreamy. I’m saying it, the American concept is similar to that of every sixteen year old girl ever by which instead of choosing the decent guy that probably won’t hit it as much, they go for some dickhead “alpha” (whatever the fuck that even means) simply because he looks good in a leather jacket and works out all the time…and has a motorcycle.

Americans, you’re not just some sixteen year old girl, start making better decisions and being cooler to each other, other countries somehow manage to pull that off and they’re doing just fine.


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