This Past Weekend…

Okay, let me start off by saying, I’m HORRIBLE at planning things the first time around.

This weekend was hell and a lot of it was unavoidable.

For one, 35x Professional Wrestling legend and Hall of Famer, Booker T, had a Fantasy Camp at Houston which is practically a free training session for that day complete with a “Meet Booker T” moment.

I bet that line was huge.

I say that because when I finally got to Houston, I was already an hour from it finishing (the set time was 12p-5p) and my dumass thought it was an all day event.

So I get to the Houston Greyhound station at like 4:15, or rather that’s when my Uber driver shows up. Great guy, didn’t kill me or wreck the car.

Either way, I get to the World Gym Arena and let me be the first to say that Booker T is an effin genius. He pretty much took what looks like an abandoned mall and turned that big ol’ space into the Reality of Wrestling that it is. So here’s a man that still works for WWE, with his own fed and training facility…he’s retiring happily right now, I bet.

Back to the story, I get to the World’s Gym which I learned the hard way is not specifically in Houston, it’s in a neighboring Texas city, conveniently called “Texas City”, roughly forty minutes from the Greyhound and there’s like two entrances and one of the doors was locked so I go to another door named “World’s Gym” (which is actually a big ol’ gym compared to the big ol’ Arena), ask some people at a neighboring business about it and they point to the door that was locked earlier.

Distraught, I was prepared to go back to my Uber driver and just ask him to take me back to the bus station so I can prepare for my day and a half wait for the trip back to Louisiana, because my dumass got a ticket for an 11pm departure instead of an 11am departure.

And on my way back to the Uber driver, there he was.

The big man himself, Booker T..on the way to his vehicle that’s parked right in front of my Uber driver.

Here’s how I know Booker T is just a great guy.

For one, he listened to my (short) story without one time brushing me off as some wild fan that ambushed him on his way out (which would have been justified because he’s Booker freakin’ T, but let’s be clear, I’m not just some wily fan, I actually want to work for Reality of Wrestling when I get my sh-t together).

I must-a shook his hand like seven times in a span of a few seconds.

Second, he made sure to remind me that this Fantasy Camp thing is monthly so I have plenty of time to prepare for the next one.

Finally, dude didn’t charge for the picture. I mean, had it had been probably any other wrestler, I would have probably gotten slapped for not having money on my person at the time but the sheer aura of him just made me think of like a really chilled out uncle or something. Like someone I felt comfortable talking to.

Also, he gave a chuckle when I started spouting off random accomplishments like “35 time world champion” and “WWE Hall of Famer and just all around big deal”.

After meeting him, the day and a half long wait to get back home was worth it.

I just hope I still got a dang job after this.

But even if I don’t.

Booker, if you’re reading this, y’all need someone to help put the ring up?

Booker T

A photo posted by Emmannuel S. Self ( on Oct 15, 2016 at 3:08pm PDT


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