I Really HATE the Rich

Okay, anyone that knows me personally and has read my past entries practically stating that I’ll vote for a sock puppet before voting for Dumass Donald knows that I have a heavily biased disdain for “rich people”.

Now let me actually explain what I mean…When I say “rich people”, I mean people that got rich for NOTHING. I mean, people that were just lucky to get plopped on this fucking world from actual hard working people that were somehow privileged enough to maintain their own businesses or whatever to keep themselves financially afloat during some of the worst economic times in the least fiscally responsible country in the world.

My hatred is for the ancestry suckling leeches that probably feel that since they share the same blood with the guy that invented post-it notes give them some sort of superiority because of some unseen “hard work” that makes them completely unsympathetic when they make some of the most bastard decisions.

Let’s take a look at people like Martin Shkreli, Donald Trump, Brock Turner or the asshole responsible for Wells Fargo and the other asshole that’s responsible for that PCH scam. Out of all those guys, at least Brock Turner actually did something for his money before being discovered to be some piece of shit rapist that can swim good (which let’s face it, people only care about maybe a few months out the year).

What most of those pieces of crap have in common is that they didn’t really do anything for the bunch of money that they have and they’re just horrible people because they know that America is gonna pamper their asses.

Don’t throw that “they’re businessmen” bullshit at me either. For money, a performer performs, a creator creates and an athlete does athletic stuff but for some strange reason, you’re telling me that some celebrated bean-counter with almost no experience in anything other than “management”(or just being related to the higher ups in some way) supposedly deserves more money than the people out there actually earning it?

These lazy rich pieces of garbage that’d probably be axe murderers if they went broke tomorrow  are supposedly working harder than people like you and me?

If the person I’m asking has to ask someone else how any of these trust fund draining brain dead time wasters earn their money, that person’s name shouldn’t even be in the same sentence as the phrase “working hard” or anything remotely similar.

In my opinion, You can’t really “do” business. Business does itself and it’s your job to maintain it and depending on how you maintain it can range from a shitty following like “capitalism” where the asshole with the most money wins the game or “socialism” where everyone is treated as equals which pisses off the asshole that wants to be king asshole.

I may have gotten that wrong but when I was learning business in college I learned that “Capital” meant “money” and “social” correlated with people and I’d rather “people-ism” over “money-ism” any day now. (and fuck you for calling me a Commie, your nominee is practically fucking at least two)

Now to reiterate, I don’t hate people that actually work for their money. My only complaint for some of those guys is that they may be getting paid a little too much for something that a regular guy probably wouldn’t be let go from (athletes that get paid millions of dollars just to show up regardless of if they lose or win, twhat the fuck is that about? Directors that get paid a lot of money even if their movie tanks, whaaa?).

My disdain and borderline apathetic hatred is on the pieces of garbage that have done NOTHING to earn their money and are lauded as perfect beings for it. They’re not perfect beings, they’re pampered pieces of shit that need to actually work at a fucking 9-5 at least once to understand what people have gone through.

Fuck these rich people and here’s to hoping that there’s more logical people than brain dead racists so we can clean out those lazy tumors in Congress (fuck those guys) and Trump retarded ass don’t step foot in the President’s chair.

Fuck you, rich people, I hope y’all all go broke and have to do some actual work like the fucking rest of us.


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