What up, WordPress?: Facts About Me

I’m from Baton Rouge, Louisiana which I sometimes dub “Tragic City” because of the intense summer we had.

I’m pretty sour when it comes to most things but that’s only because I’m openly biased and since my life actually sucks, I’m going to see everything with an outlook that may not agree with your own and since I don’t expect to get any people to read anything I type, should you disagree with anything I say then I’m just gonna assume you’re just an asshole.

At the brisk age of 28 years old, I’ve failed so hard the past 30 years that I have no confidence or hope in anything.

It’s not “low self esteem”, it’s knowledge that things won’t always work the way I want it to which kinda soften the blow of the inevitable pain that always awaits me.

I mean, at some point, I’m gonna die and I made peace with that.

I’m dumb as hell so I ask a lot of questions and I’m not above saying I was wrong or made a mistake, I know I’m not perfect and I’d like to think that no one is (but apparently, I’m the ONLY not perfect person in the world and I’m cool with that).

I have varying interest which can range from watching anime to history to professional wrestling to gardening and each interest entices me enough to want to pursue some sort of ability in it. Reading books help.

Like currently, I’m learning how to speak Japanese and garden while trying to become a pro wrestler and writing my own autobiography, I’m horrible at everything but I don’t expect to be good at something I’m just starting.

The whole “trying to be a pro wrestler” thing may make me homeless in Texas but part of me is willing to suffer that since I have a pretty tragic history myself.

I consider myself to be an open book when it comes to a lot of things so feel free to ask as long as you don’t complain about the answers.


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