I hate Romance

When I was a kid, I used to like play video games and read pretty awesome books and not really care too much about sex or dating and stuff.

It wasn’t until I got older and started watching a lot of movies and it seemed like every movie imaginable had some sort of romantic plot. Even movies driven for kids seemed to have some subtleties saying “HEY, WHEN YOU BECOME TEENAGERS, FIND YOURSELF A MATE AND KISS HER A LOT!”.

Like the “first kiss” is always seen as this huge deal because supposedly, it’s so special and because it’s almost always kids that do it, it’s not even that gross tongue kiss, it’s just a slow mo peck on the lips that’s almost always pushed as some sort of “fireworks” effect or some shit, I dunno, women don’t really wanna kiss me so meh.

When I was a kid, I was interested in plots and stuff and I could watch a movie without romance in it. I mean look at Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Emperor’s New Groove, Charlotte’s Web and I dunno, Animal Farm, great movies, no romance at all (at least I hope not, been a while since I’ve seen them).

Now, the common comeback to me hating the lovey-dovey that’s in every movie is that “love is a basic human need and emotion so of course…” blah blah blah.

I agree, but does it have to be put in EVERYTHING? If there was a movie being made now about someone that was in debt to hospital bills, I’m quite certain that the message in that movie is “bang the right nurse/lawyer/rich person and everything will get better” because apparently sex helps with financial woes in some way.

And that’s what I don’t like, I don’t like how something that may not need a romance or a screw session ends up getting romance or a screw session.

I’m sorry if I wanna see a superhero show where a superhero beats up bad guys and goes home, I could give less of a shit about his sex life or his relationship, just give me the cool stuff. I didn’t realize that jeopardizing someone’s life by falling in love was more important than saving people’s lives when you have the capabilities of doing so.

I’m sorry that I want to see an action movie with explosions and cool fight scenes and maybe not some “save the girl you’re gonna bang later” plot finish.

Better yet, I got an idea, why not make an action movie about a woman trying to save her son? Has that ever been done before?

Maybe I’m just old fashioned.

I mean, I’d like to think that some plots don’t really need romance in it because it shows how disgusting some directors are because what’s a better pick up line than “hey baby, wanna be in a feature film that isn’t a porno? I’ll make you a starlet” and when you live in the model factory that is California, you’re bound to bump into at least two sleazebags (probably old guys) that are “directors”.

I feel like the whole fixation on throwing romance and sex into everything is this sick obsession between directors wanting to jerk it to a front row ticket to the sex scenes being performed and because they know they’re gonna try to get some of that action later on (and some eventually do from what I hear).

I mean, if I make movies, I aim to do stuff differently, like maybe have the main female and male leads be siblings or relatives just to cut that sexual tension that people want them to have. Maybe something with a trans person.

Maybe break down the stereotype that women are just waiting to be screwed by Mr. Right like the American standard has been throwing at me for a few years.

Also, anyone else notice how almost instant the romance happens? Like, it seems like there’s always some sort of five seconds (maybe thirty seconds) gaze into the obvious love interest and what seems like a day and a half afterwards (or thirty minutes or so into the movie, maybe), they’re either “in love” (whatever that means) or just got done screwing.

I’ve been getting rejected by women since I was old enough to have crushes so the last thing I need to see is some guy who’s a hundred times more “attractive” than me (whatever that means) get some girl that he just stared at for maybe about a minute and a half.

Way to reaffirm that I’m ugly, movie industry.

Either way, I’ve stopped watching a lot of movies just because at this point, I feel like some movies probably wouldn’t sell if there wasn’t some hot chick getting laid or swooned in it to advertise and it just seems the movie industry is more obsessed with status quo than breaking out and I’m not cool with that.


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