Trump Supporters don’t support Trump

Now, I know that just about every article I’ve written so far has been about Donald Trump and I actually hate myself for that because about two years ago, I could give less of a shit about politics.

To be honest, I actually feel bad talking about Trump like I have been because I don’t want to bully the guy, I just want it to be clear that I don’t think he’d make a great president.

Now, because I think with my brain on some occasions, I’m loyal to my beliefs but I’m open to other ones. Which means while I’m against Trump, I’m 100% open to why you’d vote for him.

Here’s the catch though. You have to do it without mentioning Hillary Clinton or Black Lives Matter or anything like that. So your reasoning for supporting trump has to be your own and it has to actually support him.

Here’s some reasons that I normally hear.

“(Race/Religion) is gonna take our country”, this is the big one because of the whole xenophobia hype that dumb people all seem to have. The reason why I hate this one is because as long as I’ve been in America, I’ve worked for a few fortune five hundred companies and rarely even saw one Mexican or Muslim in one. Mind you, I live in Louisiana and the only hostile takeover I see is rich guys. I mean, in the eight years that Obama’s been President, I haven’t been forced to speak Arabic or Spanish (I’m learning those on my own, by the way) or pray to Allah, hell I haven’t even seen it be illegal to go to a church that wasn’t Muslim so what the fuck are they talking about, right?

“(someone) gonna take our guns”, first off, it’s quite a feat to just take away an amendment right and who actually said that? Let these idiots tell it and they’ll say that Obama is just gonna knock on their door one day and ask them to hand him their gun. And I, for one, believe that anyone who’s dumb enough to believe that…probably shouldn’t have a gun.

“(Liberals) wanna kill babies”, well, how about you beat them to the punch and maybe discuss with the woman what should happen should she get pregnant or  maybe, just not go around impregnating women all willy nilly because some of them ain’t gonna wanna keep it.

Y’see, reasons like this is what disgusts me about Trump supporters because they’re not really saying what Trump is gonna do to fix the problem, they’re saying that they’re okay with the problems we already have and seem to be okay with Trump’s apathy.

What’s even scarier is how much more Trump supporters know about Hillary than people that are actually voting for her. It’s almost like our entire political scene has been contorted to a collection of mean people just throwing rumors at each other rather than lauding who we like.

While Congress racks up the money laughing at everyone.


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