I hate stuff Politics

I Hate Abortion

I made a video about this a while back but I figure I’d mention this again, I don’t have a political alignment because I have a brain. I think Rich people should be taxed and I’m not okay with abortion.

With that being said, I’m not a fan of abortion and while part of me is compelled to save every aborted baby ever aborted, part of me has understood that that’s not possible.

Now, one thing I notice about a lot of political stuff is that people like to throw blame at everything and while I hate to blame stuff, I gotta shed light on something.

Men are to blame for Abortions.

Yup, I said it, Men are responsible for abortions.

If you’re a man that’s against abortions, you have enough common sense to avoid one night stands or at least wrap up that condom should you partake OR discuss the possibility of pregnancy should you and your lady slip up and that happens.

Because women don’t just wake up in the morning wanting to kill a baby! If that were the case, I’d probably not be a virgin right now!

I reiterate, I’m not a fan of abortions but I’m also not a fan of deadbeat dads that breed to cure boredom, I’m not a fan of breeders (people who have kids irresponsibly), I’m not a fan of kids growing up depressed because they think they killed their moms (that shit does happen).

If you have any shade of empathy or any remote idea what it’s like to grow up mentally screwed up because of having to endure a life with any of those situations in a country  that practically hates the mentally ill and products of breeding, you would stop calling these kids “whiny” and vote towards a company that would help them take better care of themselves instead of do nothing.

I’m just sayin’.

You know how kids nowadays genuinely hate their lives? How some wish they were dead because their parents are waaayyy too irresponsible to have kids? You have ANY idea what it’s like to grow up poor, depressed, single parent home or whatever while being one of the couple hundred kids that didn’t make it?

Look, I’m no fan of Abortion so how about we stop pressuring kids to have sex  (y’know, like the media seems to do all the time to teenagers)? How about we teach kids the screwed up parts of having sex like the STD’s, the babies or how the country treats you when you’re a single mother? Or a father that genuinely loves their kid but can’t even see them due to the court system 90% of the time sympathizing with the mother who’s willing to use that sympathy to take advantage of the guy?

You wanna end abortions?

Either stop screwing, stop pressuring to screw (I’m looking at you, media industry) or if you’re gonna be some brain dead animal that can’t control your urges, at the very least, screw responsibly.

Is that really so hard?

By Some Guy Named Manny

I talk words okay, not good, but okay at best.

Seriously, don't take anything I type seriously because I'll admit that I'm an opinionated biased overly wired up nutjob that have absolutely no credibility that cares not if anyone disagrees with me..

And with that, I will proceed to have my opinions as long as I have an organ in my skull capable of conveying that information in some sort of messed up way.

I will be controversial and I will say some things that some people may not like and if you wanna bitch about it, by all means go ahead, it's the internet, it's pretty easy to say that everyone's just looking for something to bitch about at this point.

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