I hate Racism

Being black and from the South, I was trained to hate White people because of slavery (because by time I was born, the racism has died down just a tad).

As much as I wanted to make mom proud, I couldn’t be a racist because in order to do that, I had to champion my own race and  by time I was eight, I was bullied for my physical appearance, voice and glasses by other black people in school.

So I lived off the concept that maybe everyone is just horrible and maybe God hates me for putting me on the planet?

I wasn’t completely wrong.

Come 2018, I’ll be thirty years old living in a country where racism still exists.

Now before I go any further, I wanna explain what racism is because people are stupid. Racism is when someone hates someone for their race.

The reason why I write this is because on Facebook, there was an article about how a player could shoot up a Klan meeting in Mafia 3 that didn’t get as much fanfare as you’d think. Apparently, some hostile white people were mad because you couldn’t shoot up a Black Lives Matter meeting as well.

Now what annoyed me the most about this is the fact that #BlackLivesMatter is a hashtag started from people frustrated with the constant death by cop to black people. So to “be a part” of #BlackLivesMatter, all you have to really do is sympathize with their anguish. So the closest thing to a “meeting” for #BlackLivesMatter is an internet community.

Also, it’s racist to assume that you have to be black to be a part of Black Lives Matter.

So in reality, the people just want to shoot a couple of sympathetic internet grievers in a video game to sorta equal out shooting a group of outright church bombing, terror spreading racists.

Now granted, there’s some black people who CLAIM to be a “part” of Black Lives Matter/Black Panthers/New Black Panthers and use that to in some way justify some ridiculous behavior which is not okay.

Killing is wrong but y’know, this is America so we have to throw in some sorta stipulations to make it okay.

But what’s also not okay is some brain-dead idiot thinking that just because someone says they’re part of these movements, to use that against them as a means to persist in hostility, for example “Why do these Black Lives Matter/Black Panthers/New Black Panther racists keep attacking everyone for everything!? Maybe they need to stop breaking the damn law and they’d stop getting shot at!” or (because this is still the south) the occasional “hang ’em”.

The thing that annoys me about the most about these types of discussions is that I almost always have it in the comments sections of my local news station with hardcore Deep South Conservatives who think that because a black person says that they’re part of a hashtag, that they’re part of the hashtag.

Put this in perspective, the SAME people who said that a person can’t designate their own gender during that whole bathroom thing are now saying that black people can be part of a hashtag just by declaring that they are. See the fail in logic?

How’s about we all agree that our current methods are pretty outdated a few decades and do what’s right by the children?

Because our do-nothing, rich boy Congress is laughing at us right now and really enjoying that we’re doing their work for them for generations to come.


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