I freakin’ love Anime


I know I’ve been talking about stuff I hated for a while and it’s almost always been political in here, so I figured I remind myself about this one thing.

Now, I don’t have a body pillow or DVD’s or any kind of merchandise because with the way me and my family moves, it’s almost hard to keep things due to all the misplacing.

But I have a list, so there’s that.

Anime for me is more than just something to watch as a kid, it also helped me fuel a lot of my generic interests and mannerisms (since I started watching at a young age).

I saw how cool and chill a guy like Shanks (from One Piece) was and realized that I too could be that chill if I stop taking things so seriously. I saw how good of a person Rock Lee (from Naruto) was and just thought that was awesome to be. I saw how awesome space could be from shows like Outlaw Star and G Gundam.

The one thing I love about Anime is that for all it’s fault (like Tsunderes and the constant overpowering asshole characters like Kai from Cardfight, Seto Kaiba from YuGiOh and Heero from Gundam Wing), it also is a great way to sorta see how Japanese people tell their stories and learn how dialogue heavy it is while indulging yourself in a good ol’ artwork ALL WHILE LEARNING JAPANESE!

I have no clue what qualifies as a “weeaboo” because let’s be honest, liking anime, wanting to go to Japan or practicing Japanese tends to cause any internet tough guy to just throw that word around. Now I’ve seen some people that get a little too weird at Anime conventions (post pending) but I measure any fandom by three concepts: Casuals, Devotees and Radicals, with Radicals being the more extreme one.

Simply put, Casuals are casual, they are aware of what the thing is but they’re not nearly as devoted to it.

The Devotees have a knowledge of the thing and dive into it enough enjoy the product just enough to know a lot more about it but are responsible enough to not let it turn to an addiction.

The Radicals are the ones that use their enjoyment for negative purpose such as insulting people that are new to the fandom, starting arguments over something being better.

If there was a scale of Fandoms, the Radicals are my idea of the worst kind of people.

Now, I’m a Devotee because while I do wanna go to Japan (or just travel, really), I AM learning Japanese (learning languages makes you smart) before I potentially get there. I like to watch anime but I’m not a fan of actually rating the product so “reviewers” don’t mean jack to me. I also go to Anime Conventions but it’s mostly just to talk to the Industry workers so I can get in.

Also I read Manga more than I watch Anime so if it’s a series I like,  I’m always like steps ahead of the anime plot (because I hate to wait) and it sometimes gets really annoying talking to people that ONLY watch the anime because they get all testy about spoilers without ever mentioning that they’re only watching the anime.

I actually  have a lot of opinions about anime and manga that I’ll further ensue into but for now, just know, I love this stuff and I have since I was a kid.


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