I hate Gun Nuts

Initially, I wanted to call this “I hate Guns” to purposely piss off some gun nuts but then I thought “jeez, what if one of the guys pissed off is a local cop?”.

Now before I go into this, I want to clarify what “Gun Nut” means to me because apparently, there’s a bit of a misunderstanding about what actually qualifies for this.

MY specific meaning for “Gun Nut” is a guy that kills someone with a gun.

Because you have to be a special kind of crazy (nutty) to kill someone and even worse to do it with something that’s practically designed to do only that.

Now, there’s a very simple reason why I don’t have a phrase for a “responsible law abiding gun owner”.

*ahem* because they don’t need one.

I’m not gonna congratulate a gun owner for not killing someone with a gun that they own because then I’d have to give them a cookie for not raping someone too.

I bring this up  because I follow my local news station on Facebook and because of how horribly economically divided my city is, the biggest scoop is almost always “guy found shot to death in lower income area” to which the comments section turn from condolences and genuine sorrow to a game of “find the Conservative” which is a lot like “find the racist” but they hate being called that (but can’t find a better word to replace it with).

When I respond with “freakin’ Gun Nuts need to go sit down somewhere”, I’m chewed out for not going after the “real problem” which is normally “thugs” (the new n-word) instead of “law abiding citizens”.

I’m gonna steer off a little bit because this is heavily correlated with how racially skewered this issue actually is.

I notice that if a black man gets shot, some racist white people have made jokes about black lives mattering. One time, I attempted to flip the script on one of those jokes and actually succeeded in getting them to understand the stupidity.

And another time, I just opened up a racist can of worms that I lost my cool about


It’s no shock to me that Louisiana is full of people that are a little backwards and heavily set in their ways but this is not some joke.

The same people complaining about the Second Amendment being jeopardized for simply requesting a mental evaluation for firearms are the same ones making jokes about black lives mattering when they come across a story of a black person getting shot, regardless the shooter.

Something about this really depresses me because from how this guy is talking to me, he’s either really young (he talked about my mother in an earlier post) or really stupid.

And the scary part is that there’s far too many like him.


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