I hate our Justice System

Being from Louisiana, it’s no surprise to me that a former Klan Grand Wizard, David Duke, is now in the running for Louisiana Senate.

Look, it’s Louisiana, some of the people here still think that any day now, Obama’s gonna knock on their door, throw them a Turban and a spanish language Quran while demanding their gun.

If Louisiana and Alabama had a competition over who hates Black people more, neither would even care about winning and just be happy that they can be their true selves (y’know, like 80% of Trump supporters)

With that being said, I’m pissed off about our Justice system.

Besides being a little archaic, some of our rules are slightly less than one-size-fits-all. I did some research on David Duke (even though I sorta knew about him since like…maybe sixth grade) and learned that the asshole served time for tax fraud, lying to his voters about needing money and stirring up some Nazi shit in Europe.

Okay, maybe I didn’t do a lot of research but I picked up enough to know that he wasn’t put in prison for BEING A KLAN MEMBER. Y’know, that group that STILL thinks that any race besides “white” (whatever the fuck that means now) is worthy to live in America, narytheless exist!?

Had it be anyone else fresh out of jail like maybe Crackhead Jim that sleeps in front of the gas station every night, Crackhead Jim can’t run for Louisiana Senate once released. Crackhead Jim will be lucky to even get a job that can pay for a good enough box to sleep in.

And no, that’s not a colloquialism for some sort of shitty apartment, I’m talking an actual refrigerator box that’s big enough to at least slightly house a person less than six feet tall.

But David Duke can get out of jail, smelling like roses and gets ANOTHER go at Louisiana Senate while picking up enough followers and supporters to maintain a way to spread his message to the braindead backwards morons that still believe that superiority is a fucking skin color.

But if Crackhead Jim slips up again, he’s going to jail for probably a long time. By the way, Crackhead Jim isn’t a crackhead…he’s mentally retarded and has no family in the city he randomly wandered to.

Shit like this is the reason why most people don’t trust the Justice System. Brock Turner RAPES a girl and gets three months in jail (which was supposed to be six) but if my black ass even give off the vibe that I’m about to steal a damn candy bar from the right stop-n-go, I may get arrested if the cop isn’t trigger happy and think he saw a gun on me.

The assholes in Wells Fargo are practically robbing the people that support them and the guy behind Wells Fargo should be arrested for shit like that but he ain’t.

You telling me that in this brokeass country we’re living in, you’re not gonna be just a little extra tough on the assholes that’s blatantly robbing you? I’ve seen people break legs and borderline torture people for skimping on their payment for a week but the entire country that’s broke as fuck is not even slapping these rich dicks on the wrist for stuff like financial fraud.

But you got HARDCORE Republicans talking about how much they pay taxes like that matters to the Republican Congress that apparently don’t.

Meanwhile Europe just cracked up laughing at us…yup, just literally cracked England up out of itself.

The kids are doomed, man.


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