Lesnar’s Homecoming

Okay, so yesterday, Brock Lesnar comes back home to Minnesota to respond to Goldberg in preparation for a wrestling match that the crowd blatantly booed over a decade ago at the grandest stage of them all.

And while I’m not Lesnar’s biggest fan, Paul Heyman on the microphone is probably one of the few times I’m excited to just hear someone talk (I could care less about promos, most of the time).

Now, not too long ago, Bill Goldberg and his silvery beard graced Denver, Colorado and heightened spirits higher than they ever did in Colorado.

Needless to say, Goldberg came to a hero’s welcome complete with a fanfare of “Goldberg” chants that practically was the cherry on top to an already pretty awesome comeback.

Lesnar’s response was great and less than stellar at the same time.

It’s kinda like seeing something shine and darken at the same time and not knowing which is worse.

For the wrestling fans that didn’t watch WWE RAW yesterday, I’ll shun you later but the entire thing was supposed to be ran as Lesnar being the heel (wrestle-talk for “bad guy”). In his hometown.

Heyman really tried to get that Goldberg chant going by practically telling the crowd to chant “Goldberg” but the crowd, cheering on the hometown hero (or whatever the hell he is) were chanting “Lesnar”, “Suplex City” (Lesnar’s brand now) and “Goldberg sucks”. Despite trying to build heat (wrestle-talk for “negative reception”), the crowd loved Lesnar in a segment that I could only use a portmanteau to describe:


But if that wasn’t the worst part of the night, what got my spirits high was for a moment, we got a chance to see Curtis Axel (another hometown hero) get the fanfare he deserves. With a promo mentioning his lineage to the Hennig name (Larry and Curt), he challenged former Tag Team partner (and other legacy wrestler), Bo Dallas to a losing effort.

Him losing isn’t what got me because I await the feud they will have for later shows but from what I read up on, the crowd signs that were celebrating his arrival and just acknowledging his existence were confiscated?

I guess there’s only room for one guy from Minnesota to go over and he’s not the son of a guy whose entire shtick was being perfect.

Once again, Brockward.

Here’s to a good Smackdown.


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