Booker T is just great

Now, I just finished one of his biographies so sit yourself on down and let me tell you exactly why Booker T is quite possibly one of the smartest and greatest wrestlers in current history.

I stress “one of the..” because people are stupid.

Okay, not since Ron Simmons has a black guy ever like really been SUPER over like Booker T, let’s face it, depending on who you ask, Rocky doesn’t count (I think he does but hey, that’s just me).

Book managed to break out of being the smaller brother in the Harlem Heat to becoming one of the top players of the Big 2 of Wrestling (at the time) out of sheer devotion to the business alone.

But that’s not why I’m a big fan of the big man.

It’s because after a lengthy career in both WWE and WCW, becoming a champion in both feds and being one of the most decorated wrestlers of his era, Book is giving back!

He’s one of the few wrestlers to still have a pretty hands on working relationship with WWE while at the same time owning and leading his own wrestling business and faculty.

Book is making money working for WWE (probably America’s second oldest ongoing fed) while making money off of ticket sales while molding the next generation of wrestlers.

For reasonable price!

And he’s always been a pretty chill guy about all of it.

Once again, I met him briefly after my Hell Trip to Houston earlier this month and he could have easily brushed me off, charged me for the picture or anything and I’d still be his biggest fan (just have some bad stuff to say about him behind his back while getting trained lol)!

The fact is simple, this is one of the few people who I’ll ever say worked his ass off to get to where he’s gotten and the only reason why I’m saying that is because he’s one of the few wrestlers that empathizes with how screwed up the business can be and said “let me help y’all out with that” and he seems to love his job.

I hope I get that good one of these days.

#goals #ThankYouBooker #Spinaroonie


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