I Love Tokusatsu

Okay, I’m a big nerd.

Due to a bunch of scorn, I felt like I had to stop watching Power Rangers because when I was growing up, watching Power Rangers initiated a Roast session (a volley of insults hurled at a recipient normally by multiple people).

But dude! When I tell you I used to watch Big Bad Beetleborgs, VR Troopers, Masked Rider, Power Rangers and Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog, I wasn’t playing back then! I loved a good story and special effects really helped keep me entertained (before I hated romantic plots).

But then I went through the teenage years and was like “nothing is fun anymore” and I sat and wallowed in my own pit of self loathing for what seemed like years until my friend, Nick, dragged me out of it and introduced me to how awesome Anime has gotten the past few years.

That immersion motivated me to see what else Japan had to offer.

Now, I won’t lie, I was a little abrasive starting off because my friend, Ashton, showed me some Showa era rider show (I think it was Stronger) but then one day, I found myself hating romantic plots so much that I went on TVTropes to search for shows that didn’t have any and Kamen Rider showed up. So I went back to Ash’s place and said “fire up some toku” and by that time, he was finishing up Kyuryuger (review pending).

That was maybe like…three years ago and since then I’ve finished Kamen Rider Amazon, V3, Black, RX Faiz, Agito, ZO, J, Blade, Kabuto, Kuuga, Hibiki, the first three seasons of GARO, Lion Maru G, Kyoryuger, Power Rangers and I’m currently watching DaiRanger and Kamen Rider Ryuki.

Fun fact, Tokusatsu isn’t just a Japanese thing, anything that’s heavy on the special effects is a toku so yeah, I’m not nearly as nerdy if you made a big deal about any movies dedicated to a comic book superhero.

I can tolerate Romance if done correctly like in GARO where they didn’t make it so obvious that they were gonna date (and the main character was a bit of a jerk starting off, let’s face it) but in the case of Kamen Rider, I just like how they manage to make it more about good guy fighting bad guy and nothing else.

Yeah, I love Tokus.


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