I’m not a big fan of Pro-Black

Now, I’m pretty sure every black person is gonna call me an “Uncle Tom” or some bullshit like that but let me explain.

Liking your own race, regardless of what it is isn’t a bad thing.

I have no problem with black people, white people, Latino, Middle Easterners or whoever loving their race or just loving who they are because that’s just being confident.

Let me reiterate, if you get pissed about a white guy saying “I love being White” but not pissed off about an Asian saying “I love being Asian” or a black person saying “I love being Black”, you’re the racist and you need to chill.

Loving yourself isn’t racism.

It’s hating someone for being who they are that makes you a prick.

And what makes me mad is the common excuse of “they did it first, why shouldn’t we FIGHT BACK?!”. Well, retard, if you fight back, the fighting doesn’t stop and you just look like a prick for starting it.

Look, I’m not denying racism, it’s pretty abundant this day and age with Trump winning the Republican nomination, David Duke running for local Senate and the Bundy Gang getting acquitted.


What I’m saying is that it’s a two way street. Not one specific race of people is worse than the next because while we’re bitching about white people in America, there was a guy in Africa named Jean Bedel Bokassa that one time got kids shot to death because they threw rocks at his car for protesting expensive ass uniforms (which he practically forced people to buy because it was his one of his wives businesses that manufactured them). And this is in Africa, the “motherland” that all these pro black people love to place a shining beacon on.

Not knowing that the majority of the countries at one time were under a dictatorship where some asshole just said “I’m gonna make all the rules and ruin people’s lives in the process, what’s the harm, as long as I’m fine”. And in some cases, some still the heck are.

What I’m saying is if you can’t love yourself without hating someone else, you’re not being pro anything, you’re just being an asshole and you need to admit that very fact to yourself because I love being whatever the hell it is I claim to be for this moment and that has nothing to do with you.

Love and Peace, though


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