Let’s talk about Fandom (Unfinished)

I really feel like this should be brought up more when it comes to a lot of issues that affect us on a social scale because the bare bones of it all comes from fandom.

Now for those that have no clue what fandom is, it’s when a group of people all share a specific devotion to something.

Religion? Fandom.

Race? Fandom.

Politics? Fandom.

Education? Fandom.

Movies? Fandom.

Now the reason why I bring this up is because people only think that Fandom is a media thing what with the music, video games and TV shows and comic books and all that and thanks to the media community, they aren’t wrong but just like in everything else, I divide the fandoms into specific categories.


These are the people that are aware of what something is but don’t fully devote energy or time into it but if thrust into the scenario they have genuine knowledge from casual visits and such. If you could rate them as fans, they’d be the lowest rate and probably not take it as an insult.


These are the actual fans that like something enough to research it and get into it almost completely. We’re talking, peeps that are completely devoted to this thing enough to support it without pursuing a possible career into it.


Devotees with a potential career into the thing in mind. These people not only know about the product but have an intention to be a part of the thing that they’re interested in.


HEAVILY critical, almost to the point where they know enough about the product to claim disinterest. They’re known to be the worst of the worst for fans because of their hostility to contrasting ideals that they almost rabidly hunt for, boundless irrationality, condescending behavior to anyone they believe to be lesser educated. These fans are a specific degree of fandom that people dive into once they encounter the territory of using what they like as an excuse to dislike something else.

Don’t be a radical. Enjoy a thing, let people enjoy their thing and live in harmony, my friends.


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