I’m not a fan of Cosplay

Now, just to name a few, I’ve been to some anime conventions in my heyday.

In order, I’ve been to Numa Rei-No Con in 2005, LouisiANIME 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2016, MechaCon 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015, OniCon 2013, Anime Matsuri 2015 and another one in Texas I forget which and what year.

And at every convention I’ve went to, I’ve been surrounded by cosplayers that I’ve interacted with and some I interact with now and I assure you.

I probably would never do it since I don’t have my light skin or my lean body anymore (due to me working outside for the past seven years and having a pretty low income diet).

My biggest qualm with cosplay has always been the image of what is and isn’t a good cosplay and cosplayer.

I mean, the whole thing seems to be a young girl and attractive person’s game and I’m just not.

Also, I ain’t got the money.

Now, my biggest qualm about cosplay doubles as a qualm I got with Anime and just media in general and that’s the rise of the sexy.

Apparently, everything has to be sexy now. You can’t have a regular anime character, they HAVE to be sexy and not just sexy but scantily clad so that watchers can drool over that girl that’s supposed to be like 16 because the artist drew her without a shirt or some butt hugger shorts. Or that guy that’s supposed to be like forty or something with a six pack but he got a scruffy beard and an eyepatch so it’s okay.

I’m not saying that people are going to be persuaded by these images but I always hate how Anime fawned over fanservice for like, forever, examples include like Xenosaga had Kos-Mos, Naruto had Ino, Bleach had Rangiku, One Piece had Nami, Death Note had practically everyone. And that’s just to name a few, y’know?

I hate fanservice in anime because I feel like it’s a cheap trick to get people watching so you can only imagine how annoyed I get when I go to an Anime Convention and I see a girl a generation younger than me boobs and all in that character’s suit. I mean, I’d give her props for pulling off a convincing character but it’s not that hard to pull off a girl that’s damn near wearing a string and two seashells underneath painted on clothes (from Japan’s newest big anime…”Sexy Time Anime: You’re gonna watch it anyway so screw having a plot”).

I also see a lot of craziness in the cosplay scene of unwritten rules that you’d think would be obvious in the community like “don’t be a dick to other cosplayers and let them enjoy the con like you are” or “If someone needs help with a cosplay, let them ask and don’t be so critical in the process” or simply “If you have nothing nice to say, shut up and go away”.

I mean, I’m not gonna lie, I don’t like seeing girls in sexy outfits because for one thing, I’m not a pervy old man that go to conventions for that, plus I’m one million percent sure that the women that are in my preferred age group (28 and up) that can rock a nice suit are either out of my league or in a relationship and that’s just makes them not worth pursuing.

Either way, Cosplay on, Cosplayers but just know that if it seems like I’m ignoring you at a convention, don’t take it negatively, I’m just one of the schmoes that don’t care too much about cosplay.


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