Why I gave up on Dating

Co-worker: “Hey Manny, you got a girlfriend, yet?”

Me: “No, I’m too ugly to date”

I love having this conversation with people because it helps cement my viewpoint on women, dating, sex, relationships and pretty much any kind of romantic interaction.

Look, I’ve been getting rejected by women since probably before you got your first kiss, so let’s get this started.

For one thing, I gave up on dating because as luck would have it, I don’t look good enough. People can bitch about Confidence all day but when you get right down to it, it’s always been about looks. The women I encountered growing up wanted a guy with a six pack, dark skin, bald head and a big…well you get it.

Meanwhile, if it was socially acceptable, guys would be having sex with animals,  crossdressers and inanimate objects during those lonely nights that they’re sorta subjected to.

As for me, I’ve accepted the fact that I’m not supposed to put my penis into anything and have since decided to overcompensate by doing pretty much everything else. I get a new hobby almost every few days and with my ADD, everything interests me except sex.

I’ve had to come to the conclusion that single women just don’t exist or if they do, they all share a genuine disinterest in me because I’ll never be good enough for one of them.

And back then, I used this realization to improve myself. I took off my glasses. I cut my hair, I went through the “makeover” that seemingly most women said I “needed” and they all still rejected me.

Like, I did what they wanted me to do and I still got hit with the “you’re sweet but…” excuse.

So I came to another conclusion: at the end of the day, women are gonna date and have sex with whoever they want to date and have sex with and if that person wasn’t already me, it won’t be me down the line.

Combine this with the “there’s no such thing as a single woman” mindset that I’m rarely proven wrong and you can see why I just said “screw this, a relationship, dating and sex just isn’t worth it”.

Honestly, I don’t know whether to thank women for reminding me that I’m ugly or just not care either way.

So I simply chose to not care and I’ve been feeling better ever since.

Simply put, There’s no point in continuing to pursue a relationship if all the women are going to say no every time.

I can’t make a woman want me and that’s energy I can devote into something else.




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