We need more Community Gardens

Yup, America needs more community gardens.

And not that, but it needs a completely agrarian approach stuff.

Now, as mentioned before, I have ADD so I’m easily distracted by a lot of stuff but I’ve had a bit of a gardening kick for a short while after reading Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and seeing that one guy with the stand that affected people by what they ate.

And one day, I was like “dude, that’s kinda legit with the right amount of nutritional know-how” and that sparked my interest in Nutrition and then while I was learning about the B-Vitamins (by the way, didn’t know that Niacin was nicotine before that), I realized that it’s not that big of a pain in the ass to just grow your own B-Vitamins to eat healthier.

I mean, think about it.

With all these controversies about the industry and greedy rich sociopaths poisoning our food and all this crap about GMO’s, growing our own food would probably be the best bet. I mean, what better way to save yourselves from potential poisoning and starvation while promoting healthier eating and reestablish a community than by getting together and growing fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices that’s not only legal but can probably help you in the long run health-wise.

And then going on to utilize what you learn at the garden to utilize at your own home to establish some good naturally made food that you can be proud that you created from the ground up (literally).

It helps out the environment and all types-a stuff.

Not only that but farming is kind of a dying industry and we really need the food.

And let’s face it, Farming isn’t completely illegal until you get the brain dead idiots that try to find a way to make it that way (you know what I’m talking about).

But yeah, let’s start growing our own food.




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