I Hate Everyone

The thing I hate the most about America is that you’re practically supposed to hate everything except for stuff you find exceptional.

When I was a kid, I was trained to hate White people for slavery but that shit went out the window when I went to school and was getting bullied by the black kids (having a past chock full of being abused didn’t help either).

Let me reiterate, not only was I supposed to hate White people for slavery, I was supposed to love other black people which I was completely open to doing before I was bullied.

In my wake of hating everyone because everyone was a fucking asshole, I started to notice a bit of an issue among my peers. People would have this awkward devotion towards people that did stuff that they didn’t like and almost never mention why they overlooked it.

For example, people would hate rape unless it was committed by someone that they genuinely enjoyed.

Let me reiterate, the same people wanting someone accused of anything wrong to be hanged (this is Louisiana, they loooove hangings) are completely okay with someone they like getting accused because “you don’t know the full story”.

I notice this a lot in the comments section of my local news stations where if someone is gunned down, the comments turn from empathy to anger to a quick game of “find the racist” (or “Conservative” as they like to be called) who are quick to get angry at me for declaring the person behind the gun a “gun nut” (regardless of race).

My personal favorite thing is when I’m called a racist for just saying the word racist even if race has nothing to do with what I was saying, for example “how’s about we use another word besides “racist” to describe what happened here” (gets ’em every time).

What people forget is that as a physically unattractive poor person, I’m hated by everyone so I can’t pick and choose who I like and who I don’t like because I hate the human race entirely.

It’s almost impossible for me to pick a side on any issue simply based on face value so I have to research and even then I’m honest enough to say “this person is better simply because I think so” (which is something no one wants to admit).

How can anyone pick a side on any measure knowing that they live in a country where everyone is out to rob them, rape them, drug them and/or manipulate them (or their children) to do that same thing to other people. As a country, we have a lazy congress, lazy rich people, lying poor people, rapists, psychopaths, murderers and these are just the Americans that aren’t brain dead radical gun nuts who grew a lack of empathy from all that stolen money they “earned”.

It’s pretty safe to say that my friends are just people who I hate the least and even that’s a stretch considering how badly I hate people.

My black friends are saying that they love being black…I hate being born.

Love and Peace.




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