Blue Lives Matter, huh?

Now, I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, actually three houses behind where Alton Sterling got shot at and during that time. There was a lot of anti-cop rhetoric, racist rhetoric and just straight up crazy stuff going on.

Worst Summer Ever.

Now, what started this upcoming rant is how I read an article about an incident that left two police officers dead.

I don’t wanna bring race into this so read past what I’m saying for understanding.

When Alton Sterling got shot, there was a lot of fire from all sides but the big ones from the pro-cop folks was “Why does Obama care more about black people getting shot than about Police officers? #BlueLivesMatter!”.

Now I hate murder from all sides so I mourned for Mr. Sterling and I mourned for the cops that were shot after that. I felt bad for the people involved because they all have families to go back home to and they won’t after that.

What makes me mad about the logic being used against the President is that when a person decides to become a Police officer, that’s the equivalent of being a soldier. Your job requires you to be put in dangerous situations that you may not survive from and there are times where that happens. If the President did a speech for every dead police officer, you’d get tired of seeing him on TV.

I mean, being Black in America is kinda in the same ballpark as far as being put in dangerous situations but it’s not like people can choose that.

And also, the President has a bit more personal experience with the latter.

But let any AltRightard say it and they’ll make it seem like the President was the man behind the murders the whole time or some stupidity like that.

Either way, when a black man is involved with any situation dealing with cops, it’s almost always a “BlackLivesMatter vs. BlueLivesMatter” discussion where apparently All Lives Matter (which includes everyone) is somehow some asshole’s way of saying “all lives matter except (specific)”.

I believe that #KidsLivesMatter because at the end of the day, we are supposed to be making the world a better place for them and we’re just not doing that…

While also breeding.

Now you have a situation where a white guy is in custody for killing two police officers and there’s no outrage from the BlueLivesMatter people that were up in arms after the Sterling riots, the Castille riots and all the other (possibly) racially motivated murders where a police officer actually lived.

From now on, whenever anyone says anything about anyone’s lives mattering, I’m just gonna just not care because you were just introduced to a possibility that you didn’t think exist (a white man killing police officers AND LIVING AFTERWARDS) and you didn’t care.

There’s no outrage. There’s no anger. It’s almost as if this didn’t happen at all.

Well, let me be the first to say it.

I hope that the families of those two police officers find peace through this tough time and while I know that a loss is very painful and stressful, I hope this motivates you to teach the children that this sort of evil can be quelled through love, peace and understanding.

Because you can’t fight hate with hate.



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