Welp, America is Dead

2016 is the year of death and discord.

Brexit, All the celebrity deaths (Prince, Rickman, Bowie, Ford…), All the black people getting killed by cops and all the unsung cops getting killed by white people, the Pulse massacre following that singer getting shot in the same damn week, the Flood that screwed my hometown, Flint’s water getting poisoned and the guy responsible not serving jail time, the Dakota pipeline, the Bundy blockade and acquittal, Ailes sexual assault, Cosby’s sexual assault, Hastert’s sexual assault…

I could go on.

We needed some good news, we needed some positivity.

But we didn’t get that.

Listen, I’m in no means a Hillary supporter but I DIDN’T WANT TRUMP. Anyone with a working brain just knows that this was a bad idea but at the end of the day, our bullshit corrupt Congress decided to do what’s best for business and ruin the country just that much more.

This guy from the jump shat on Latinos and then further expanded his hateful rhetoric to poor people, Muslims, a disabled man, he scammed people with the appropriately named “Trump U” and his “charities”  while admitting to not paying taxes while currently under investigation for sexual assault with a minor. His VP says “fuck having sex education and let’s pray that gay out” while being responsible for some really bigass HIV epidemic in Indiana if I’m not mistaken.

It’s depressing because Trump winning has shown that the disgusting underbelly of society rules the political part of America.

Sanders said it best when he said we’re living in an Oligarchy.

Trump gets into Twitter arguments with people and LOOOOVES himself some famous dictators, including Putin. If this was years ago, Trump would be called a “Communist” for that very thing.

America has always been big on democracy which is the concept of the people make the rules and went to every extent to try to specify exactly who those people are.

Black people were treated like livestock during the early days of America and that’s just because the “settlers” were too dumb and drunkenly violent to just ask the Natives how to live off the land.

In the pursuit of what they consider freedom, the same people that invaded and murdered innocent people just for living at a place that was in their sights, ruined a country that was never theirs to begin with.

And now we’re gonna have to make up for that.

I’m just happy I don’t have a family of my own so my kids don’t have to grow up in what used to be America. I’m glad that once I’m poor-er, and more homeless on my long walk to Mexico (I can’t walk to Canada, I’d die before I see the border), I don’t have to worry about putting my wife and kid into any moral danger.

I’m happy that despite all that’s come before the end of America, I didn’t bring a kid to have to grow up in whatever the hell this new concept is.

Because it sure as hell ain’t America anymore.


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