I. Hate. American. Politics.

Pay attention, I’m about to lay it on down to you with this one.

This year has been exhausting and it ended in the worst ways imaginable.

It looks like once again, Britain or England or whatever the fuck it’s called motivated an impulsive racist takeover that influenced American decision.

Now I’m not saying that Trump himself is racist but a good bit of his supporters are and just before winning, he was endorsed officially by the Ku Klux Klan (a group that really loved bothering black people with lynchings and church bombings) while complaining that the whole process was rigged (which is true, thanks to the Electoral colleges that practically deem civilian votes unnecessary).

But what kills me the most is that less than a day in, people from all sides has received threats of violence because of this horrible decision.

Look, I’m no Trump supporter and he has divided America for the worst but this is how living in a Republic Democracy works.

Democracy is simply “what people say matter” and a Republic is simply “people can vote for someone to represent them” which is just an extra limb to Democracy. The whole concept of “Liberal vs Conservative” is just an American way to cause a dispute between the two and it worked because Americans LOVE to fight.

If you look in any dictionary, the word “Conservative” is linked to “tradition” or simply a desire to go back to the old ways of doing things in contrast to the word “Liberal” which just means “do what ya want but be nice about it”.

Now I’d support being Conservative if I wasn’t a minority or as I deem to call it “America’s undesirable”. I mean the “traditions” in this country on a social scale has always leaned on racism, sexism, xenophobia and almost all forms of hatred.

And we have a political party that’s named after the concept of wanting to bring that back.

What’s scary about this is that no one can tell me what good any Republicans have done in the past fifty years and they usually use whatever they can to go back to “well Democrats..”.

Bear in mind, while I disagree with them, I offer a listening ear to people that have been Republican for what seems like forever to defend their choices and rather than find a reason, they go straight to talking about how bad the other option is.

That’s like smashing your fingers with a hammer and when I ask you why you do it, you say because it’s better than putting your dick in a mousetrap. Putting your dick in a mousetrap is probably worse but it doesn’t answer why you’re smashing your finger with a hammer.

My least favorite excuse is “the KKK was started by the Democrats and a Republican freed the slaves” and that’s all fine and dandy but the KKK just endorsed Trump so either you love the KKK now or you and the rest of the Republicans have to admit that this is completely irrelevant.

The problem is that the American people are led to believe that America is a democracy but sadly, that’s only partially the case.

It used to be that a (white) person could just visit their local congressman or government official, suggest something in the form of a possible amendment and if people liked it, it’d be a law signed by the President. The most recent things I’ve seen get passed is Gay Marriage (that took years to do) and the Affordable Care Act (which they’re also wanting to repeal) but other than that, people can’t even ask for a law to make pennies relevant anymore without some sort of bureaucratic standstill resulting in a yearlong wait for them to just tell you “hey, what you proposed just ain’t happening because you’re not rich”.

But then again, I hate Republicans and Congress so this whole thing is admittedly a smidge biased.

I’m slightly over Trump being President but now, whenever things start to turn to shit, I’m blaming him. He’s not exempt from the treatment that Dumservatives gave Obama and now this orange retard is gonna be under the microscope. If anything goes wrong now, it’s his fault.

Heavy the head, bruh.

y’know, the one that wears the crown?

If you don’t know that phrase, you probably voted for Trump.


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