I Hate Dumservatives

I live in Louisiana, which may have been Republican majority forever and so far some of them have been pretty decent.


I couldn’t tell you the difference between Republicans and Democrats because at this point, the lines have been so skewered, twisted and fucked up that let’s face it, it’s just some person in a suit.

So for once, I’m not gonna shit on Republicans.

But I am gonna shit on the Dumservatives (sometimes called the “AltRight”) because of how stupid they can actually be.

Like, how dense do some of these people have to be to accept every lie that’s thrown at them.

There’s always that one lady that has like four kids shacking up with her new boyfriend (who she may marry one day) saying she’ll never vote Democrat because she’s against abortion like abortion is the ONLY thing Democrats deal with.

Or the hocked up gun nut who’s one bad day from going postal and shooting up a Burger King at like 6pm because he woke up at the wrong side of the bed and waiting in line was the last straw who may say something along the line of “I’m a patriot exercising my right to bear arms” or some bullshit like that.

Or the racist that hates anyone that doesn’t share the same skin color as him that justifies it with the “well, he’s worshipping a violent religion/from a violent country, so I got scared” excuse.

Or the construction worker who may have a cousin on meth talking about how since he earns a lot of money, everyone else that’s poor is either on some sort of government program or too stupid to get a better job (which may be harder to get now because no one will be hiring in the next few years..unless you’re white or something).

What’s infuriating is that these people vote for psychopaths that are cancerous to any growth on a national level.

We’ve had old white men run the country and other than enslave black people, kill a bunch of natives, a whole lot of rape, plunge the country into war with other countries as well as among ourselves while keeping us impoverished, they’ve motivated a generation of people to remain misogynistic, evil, greedy and illiterate enough to go into the biggest election of our generation and vote for a dead gorilla and a cartoon character for President.

You can point out the positives I missed but these are some of the most heinous things that has happened in our history and in the process of trying to correct it, American people just said “why are we trying to destroy such a good thing” and proceeds to go backwards every time.

And the reasons get more and more random.

“Obama’s taking our guns away”…then why do you still have one?

“I’m scared of being taken over by Mexicans”…Were you forced to learn Spanish? Are there a BUNCH of Mexicans where you live? Like can you just walk outside and see Javier y Santo y Olivia just chilling across the street, talking to their neighbors Guillermo, Gori y Chavo?

“I’m scared of Shariah Law”…Do you speak Arabic? Do you worship God or Allah? Can you go to your Christian/Baptist/Protestant/Catholic church on Sunday?

“I don’t like abortion” …Were you forced to get one?

I’ve seen some people who lost their homes due to the flood that damn near wiped out some of the cities in Louisiana. These people who’ve worked all their lives to get their houses and such lost everything naturally and you got some people saying “they don’t deserve any handouts” and somehow thinking that that display of greed is strength.

The only excuse I can accept is that the Affordable Care Act is flawed because it’s in its early stages and nothing is perfect starting off.

But to deny Climate Change after the horrible weather we’ve been having. I mean, I respect your religion but accept Science too, it’s not normal for most of the stuff that’s happening to be happening.

And why is oil so damn essential to y’all, The same thing that’s killing our planet is just such a big deal. Oil is literally liquid death and we’re using it for everything and even after people been saying “hey, this shit may eat up the ozone layer”, peeps are still like “yeah but is that happening now?”.

That’s what I feel like the Republican party sorta derided into. It used to be a pretty decent collection of people, I guess but now you’re all pretty fucking evil and dumb looking to me and part of me want y’all to REALLY prove me wrong.

But you fucking won’t. This recent President just proved that you won’t.


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