I Hate Protesting

Look, I’m with you about this.

This election proved that America will forever persist in it’s sick desire to consistently deny any form of progress and completely take the vote away from the American people just so some rich, fat, lazy, stupid, old idiot can be in power.

I hate it just as much as you do but there’s a better way to handle this and a lot of things.

I’m not a fan of Protesting because things get a little too ridiculous too quick and people forget that there’s more than one way to protest.

You don’t have to destroy things or hurt anyone to tell everyone you’re pissed. Hell, nowadays, you don’t even have to make as much actual noise.

Because every time you resort to violence, they can use that as a way of saying “see how they get when they don’t get their way” because you can’t say “they hit me first” because there’s no way to prove it if you’re the one being punished.

I’m not saying let people walk all over you now but there’s A LOT of ways to protest our new President like…educating yourself in politics to take the machine down from the inside. If this uneducated lamebrain can get a seat in the Orange House then you with a little more knowledge can at least work in the Senate.

There’s different ways to protest such as maybe making films to show how much this guy sucks, establish your own city and show that you can do a better job, leave the country, buy some land and make it something productive like a community garden, help people and love them.

I hate Trump and I hate his dumass fanbase but you’ll never see me want to hurt or kill any of those retards or their family (who may not be as retarded, gotta think positive here).

What I’m saying is simply don’t just burn it down, let the asshole in chief do that but be the person that helps bring it up.

Right now, I’m teaching myself how to do things dealing with films, computers, business, languages, history and whatever other hobby I can get into just so I can protest my past failures and better myself as a person with intent to teach the people what I learn.

History has taught us that burning it all down NEVER WORKS AND HURTS EVERYONE so maybe we should use the energy that we have for something productive because progress and protest both start with the same three letters as professor…don’t it?

Love and Peace, humans.


2 thoughts on “I Hate Protesting”

  1. Huge difference between protesting and rioting. I think there is nothing wrong with peacefully protesting to recieve justice. However no justice no peace so that is why things escalate so quickly. It is very disturbing and I am legitimately concerned for the future of this country.


    1. “Protesting” nowadays leads to riots because no one knows how to protest logically. It’s always “I’m pissed, I’m gonna BURN IT THE FUCK DOWN” rather than “I’m pissed, I’m gonna solve the problem after approaching it logically”

      and that’s what I hate.


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