Really, America?

Donald Trump?

I know, I’ve been spending a lot of time insulting this guy and Republicans at the most but seriously.

The reason why I can insult the Dumbservatives and Dumpublicans is because there were over ten people running for the nomination and you morons chose him over the likes of actually qualified people like Cruz, Kasich, Rubio, Fiorina, Carson, Jindal and more.

Y’know what burns me up more?

The fact that had this have been a few years back, Dumpublicans would have hated this man.

Think about it.

Years ago, anyone showing sympathy to Russia at all would be labelled a Communist and encounter so much scorn.

But Trump practically comes close to admitting that he may have sex with Putin (which would be the only good thing he does considering that it’ll make Dumservatives like homosexuals) and those idiots consider that to be a sign of strength.

Years ago, Dumpublicans loved using the word “taxpayers” only to vote for someone that admits that he’s smarter than you because he’s not one on live TV in the very first debate.

Years ago, a sexual assault allegation would be the reason why someone isn’t hired for a job but now it’s just a hiccup to the White House even after he admits that he would cheat on his wife with another man’s wife simply because “when you’re a star, you can do anything”.

Years ago, Dumpublicans would completely abhorred anyone against the war only to vote for Trump who has swung on one side to another on the issue, it’s hard to figure out who’s side he was really on.

You voted against your own interest, Dumpublicans but at least I get to blame the President like you idiots did all through Obama’s terms.

At least until I get murdered for walking while black in Trump’s America…I mean the Dumfuckistan Idiocracy




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