Why Trump’s Presidency is a Good thing

Yup, I was Trump’s biggest critic but now

Look, a few years back, every racist prick on the planet HATED Obama and HATED him even more when he got re-elected.

That’s not saying that everyone that hated Obama was a racist but let’s stop denying that racists actually exist in this country already.

If you ain’t one, don’t defend the ones that are.

So here’s to Trump for taking that heat off Obama.

Now, he’s in the hot seat which opens the floodgates for a lot of things.

For one, the bitches in Congress gonna do what he says. They wanted a Republican in the Orange house, they got a Republican in the Orange house so it’s gonna be a game of “who can the people hate worse?” if Trump decides he wanna pass a law or whatever.

Because it’s like “if Congress refuses to pass a law that Trump wants and the people realize that they themselves don’t like the law, do they hate Congress for being disobedient bitches or do they hate Trump for passing the law in the first place?”

…because America NEEDS to pick sides, duh.

Secondly, no one can blame anything on Obama from now on. Trump’s President, you wanted him, you got him.

So now the Dakota Pipeline is his problem, the Klan is ┬áhis problem, the racial tension is his problem, the murdering cops are his problem, the sexism that’s resulted in some women getting raped are now his problem and let’s not forget…

Flint, Michigan still needs some fucking water.

And now that’s Trump’s problem.

At the end of the day, the Presidency is a job and you can’t even do a horrible job with something simple in this nation without getting shitted on, fired or both.

It used to be that you could do a shitty job in Congress because no one really cared about those lazy dicks but even now, they’re under the microscope but they’re not completely under fire because they can always blame Trump.

The good thing about going back from going black is that Americans that were against Obama really felt like being an asshole was gonna make everything better and now we’re putting that logic to the test (again).

We’re gonna yet again see exactly how far being a classless, obnoxious, judgmental, loud, lazy lying piece of unfit garbage is gonna get us and the world is watching.

So I’ve accepted that he’s the President of what’s now Dumbfuckistan because at the end of the day, he’s your president and if YOUR president screws up, it’s on you for making that dumass decision when you clearly had multiple people to choose from.

There’s no blaming Obama or Hillary for this shit storm so enjoy it while you can, deplorables.

And if you do try to peg the end of the world on Obama or Hillary or whatever, you’re just as stupid as the smart Americans think you are.


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