Black people be tripping

(foul language warning: “I use “nigga” in this post. A. Lot. so if you’re white and you like this, I know why, you racist dick”)

Now before you get your dick in a knot, let me reiterate that I’m black too.

I wake up black, I go to sleep black, I grew up in a broke black environment for as long as I can remember and in my time of being black, I’m gonna come right out and say it.

Niggas be trippin’.

What motivated this post was that I saw a video of someone bitching about how the President didn’t do much for Black people without even as much as mentioning that Congress practically declared that they were gonna ruin Obama from the goddang git-go.

I guess I was the only one expecting Obama’s presidency to not impact Black People as much what with the mass opposition on the way to the mothafucka.

Hell, to be honest, I thought the KKK was gonna rise up, plan a coup via assassination and Make America retarded again.

Thankfully that didn’t completely happen

Now listen, when I was a kid, I used to get fucking roasted for my “white” voice so I’m sorry if I’m not on the whole “Pro Black” kick.

But to be fair, my alignment is strictly on me because I hate people too much to pick favorites. My friends are legit people who I hate the least (maybe about 90% less than I hate everyone else).

Look, let me be real, it’s expected for White people to treat us like shit.

History has proven that they’re fucking crazy, those assholes made a habit out of killing each other just because of the languages they spoke and even other White people would agree with that like to this day.

However, some black folk are equally as crazy.

Anyone that hates being called both “black people” and “African Americans” by white folks for whatever bullshit reason they can muster up while at the same time calling themselves “real niggas”, “savages”, “gangstas”, “thugs” are legitimately fucked up.

Like seriously

It’s not your “culture” to be a fucking dick, black people, just saying.

Look, all this shit going on with black people can be fixed if people were more chill with one another but since niggas like to steal shit, everyone’s on edge.

And when these niggas ain’t stealing shit, they’re crushing dreams in hopes to motivate niggas to hate white people on the suspicion that they’re the ones crushing the dreams

What makes me mad about that logic is how black people know so much about how fucked up America is and still choose to have kids here.

I mean, if I ever wanted to be a dad (and I’m too broke to ever want that), I damn sure wouldn’t raise my kid in America where the history with black people here is less than favorable almost every other few weeks.

I mean, go to any high school and on top of the lack of decency among most of those kids, black kids stay roasting and fighting and stealing in the mothafucka, if they don’t just drop out.

And let’s not forget how much black kids in school loves fights. Nothing gets a kid more wound up than seeing someone else get hurt while trying to defend himself from someone.

Like what the fuck is up with that? You go to school to learn, asshole.

And sometimes the fights be for shit that these kids could have talked about.

I mean, when a white cop kills a black guy, it’s a problem but when a black dude does it…it’s somehow less of a problem?

What’s annoying is that through all this bullshit, black people still somehow try to be like “let’s hate everyone except black people” and then conduct rules on which black people to hate!

Supposedly the worst transgressions are dating a person that isn’t black and calling niggas out on bullshit.



I’m gonna be honest here, I’ve lived in the hood all my life and I only rarely see niggas do shit for each other that wasn’t fight, rob or deal drugs for.

So I got a proposition that may be a little hard to grasp and that’s simply, do what you wanted Obama to do for you…for your community.

And stop with the “Pro Black” shit, a lot of countries in Africa was ran by dictators and some of those dictators were fucking pricks. I mean look up Jean-Bodel Bokassa one of these days, that guy’s the worst.


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