Did Undertaker just say that?

Now I know that I’ve only just been watching WWE since ’02-’03 so I only know bits and pieces of wrestling prior to that but I’d like to think with my fourteen years of watching wrestling and hearing the whispers in the walls, I have a little sense when I say…


If you look at ‘Taker’s rapsheet, he’s done just about everything a man of his caliber can do. He’s won a Rumble, he’s won the title at Mania, and has had possibly the most greatest career anyone has ever had both in and out of wrestling.

If he retires now, he retires a legend that people respect and can talk about forever in the highest regard.

I’m not saying that he shouldn’t have come back but ‘Taker’s too high on the card to pursue the mid-card titles (U.S. and Intercontinental) and too big to go for the Cruiserweight championship.

Look, I’m not saying that he ain’t got it anymore but have you seen his last few matches he has?

No pun intended but the dude’s death defying when he wrestles in the higher quality matches, he throws caution to the dang wind!

I personally love the commitment but what if he decides to wrestle for a PPV and say “screw having a body” and goes for another sick ‘Taker bump that he just shouldn’t be doing and gets injured again.

I think he’s awesome and he’s proven it time and time again but at this point, Taker could just go chill for the rest of his career and crash out as a legend.

However, I won’t knock his hustle and devotion to the business should he actually go back to being an occasional wrestler because right now Smackdown ain’t really got a big single’s division and they need as many people as they can get.

I just hope that he plays it safe because he still got it but y’know…for how long?


2 thoughts on “Did Undertaker just say that?”

    1. Taker should relax and retire, he’s done EVERYTHING! Well, almost everything but there’s nothing left for Taker to do and he’s getting up there in age. I love his devotion but I’m also not wanting him to take a sick bump, get messed up and then we go around hating the guy he had a match against (like what happened with the late Chris Candido and Sonny Siaki)


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