Mental Problems

With this recent election, it’s pretty obvious that Dumbfuckistan is in dire need of a mental evaluation.

And it’s not just because an actual retard is President now.

I wanna just bring this up right now, I have Depression. Before I was eighteen, I attempted suicide four times and everyone I knew was kind of a prick so instead of trying to reassure me that things were going to be okay, I got the whole “suck it up, buttercup, why you bitching for?” reaction or “tough love” (which doesn’t always work for depressed people, sorry).

I’ve been sent to hospitals, received therapy and the like but when I got old enough, therapy got expensive and I found myself having to get over my episodes on my own. By the way, I didn’t just get sad for nothing, something had to put me there so if someone was being a prick to me and I felt like I could do nothing about it, I got depressed and questioned my existence in the universe.

The only positive thought I’ll ever have is that I’m too ugly to date and that means that I won’t have to worry about putting this same burden to my child.

With that being said….

I’ve noticed that what used to be America has been pretty steady with our violence quota by using guns to kill people out of boredom, anger or just sheer impulse.

People have made it a habit to be as obnoxious and hostile as possible and say that this is somehow a good thing which may have resulted in some of the worst things in D. I. history (I’m dubbing this country Dumbfuckistan Idiocracy until we get a President that ISN’T Republican).

But the issue isn’t political, it’s mental.

If you really think about it, since childhood, some people are programmed into thinking that being the worst way imaginable is genuinely the right thing to do.

Combine this way of thinking with completely and total national apathy and you got a nation of budding psychopaths ready to shoot up the nearest Burger King for not giving them enough ketchup packets or some crap like that. Which I’m pretty sure has been done before because there’s a lot of nutjobs with guns now and they’re so angry for no reason that nothing will stop them from wanting to kill what they don’t  understand (because ‘Murica, right).

But on a national level, it’s pretty obvious that people’s mental problems have deterred a lot of good things and sparked a lot of bad things and the alternative is pretty freakin’ rare.

I mean, Depression, Schizophrenia, Psychosis, Hallucinations, Short Attention Span, Mood Swings among other things is a problem and people with these problems are just walking around in traffic (I’ve witnessed this a few times) saying “hey, everything is normal, I can walk in traffic if I want to, this is a good thing!”.

I’m saying it right now, everyone needs a mental evaluation because at this point, we have technology and logical know-how to be able to find out who is and isn’t one bad day away from a total breakdown that can result in suicide, a massacre or both.

And then when we find those people who are at wits end, WE SHOULD HELP THEM!

The problem nowadays is that the nation seems to have just pushed mental health to the back burner and in the years that that’s happen, the people that didn’t get the help they needed  back then started having families…with some maybe sharing the same issues  and you know how easily controlled kids are when you’re their birth-giver.

Look, all I’m saying that if the nation makes Mental Health a priority, the country can move forward with a little less crazy accidents (for lack of a better term) and that is the big step in moving Dumbfuckistan forward to what could be not just America but a better America.

Unless people like being dumbfucks, anwyay.


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