Safe Spaces

Trump supporters have been infesting the internet, which isn’t a bad thing since I thought a lot of them were too dumb to know how to “work” the internet (as some of them would say in their slurred out vernacular).

Now, I’m pretty sure being a Republican stopped being a good thing after Eisenhower but since Trump supposedly “won”, there hasn’t been one comedian, article or post that can at least point out anything that Trump has done wrong without their comments section being riddled with angry deplorables talking about a “safe space”.

Now to be quite honest with you, I never really knew that a “safe space” was an actual thing, I just figured it was just a term to describe a place where people could go that actually needed help like a hospital or something.

So when I did learn that was a real thing, I knew that the “tougher” individuals would eat this concept alive because helping people that are bullied is not NEARLY as American as actually bullying them, it seems.

Now, the problem with the hatred of  “safe spaces” is that the actual meaning of the two words together would literally mean a place where someone is guarded from specific danger and in a bigoted place like America where your skin color, religion, financial status, sexuality, place of origin and even gender can result in your life being a crippling disaster FROM BIRTH, some people will actually need a safe place.

Hell, the whole concept for “America” was being a “safe space” for bigoted racist rich assholes to pretty much do whatever they want without persecution…or as we dub it today “Religious Freedom”.

Either way, somewhere down the line this concept turned from what America is all about to something that should be jeered, insulted and massively attacked.

Except the Liberals I hear talking aren’t too concerned with “safe spaces” as much as they’re concerned that they’re gonna have to protect themselves from racist, anti-semitic, class warfare, homophobic, sexist psychopaths that think that sexual assault is no big deal and everything should be handledwith violence.

Hell, what makes the concept so bad about “safe spaces” is that the people that are talking about them the most are the people that really need one. The problem with Trumpkov supporters is that they expected that everyone was just gonna be okay with this jackass winning and they’re mad that only a few are.

But rather than enjoy their victory in the forums of like Breitbart, Stormfront or some other Conservative-heavy website, they instead lash out at anyone that that may have a different opinion about their guy in a collective wail of “quit buwwying my Pwesident!”!

I mean, at the end of the day, I personally am not completely sad that Hillary lost so mentioning her in any way won’t make you seem justified or smarter. I personally, am mad that the lying, conniving, scam artist sociopath that admitted to not paying taxes and sexual assault (both cases he paid his way out of) is now gonna be leader of the free world because the racists in Congress couldn’t stop whining about a black guy being in power.

Hell before he got elected, he was endorsed by the Klan while bitching about the election being rigged…the same election he won and now he’s bitching about the upcoming recount (which by the way, we all know he’s gonna somehow win because let’s face it, Racist America is trying to go back to the Depression or something, I dunno).

And y’all think that this is somehow some kind of vendetta against your guy because of bullshit like safe spaces or has something to do with Hillary. I personally voted for Sanders and then Maldonado so my vote didn’t matter but you as a brain dead Trump supporter is trying to make it seem like my rights aren’t in danger but can’t explain to me why I should believe you.

I said it before and I’ll say it again.

The problem with Trump being President is that if he does what he says, he’s an evil bigot fascist who bought his way into the Presidency because he’s a shining example of how America will completely overlook the rich in any and all wrongdoing they will ever do.

If he doesn’t do what he says he’s gonna do then not only do the Trump supporters get played (even though they won’t admit it) but he’s just another lying politicians and this just proves that Republicans have a poor lack of judgement while driving us on the way to the next depression.

And trust me, as horrible as people are, you’re gonna need a safe space if we end up in another Republican led Depression.

Look up Warren Harding.


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