Time to build an Overwatch

Let me start off by saying this, I’m not a fan of MOBA’s so I haven’t actually played Overwatch.

But the plot does appeal to me and at this point, I’m just waiting for a movie/tv series (one that I could get a voice acting role in, perhaps?).

Here’s the thing, the whole plot of Overwatch, from my understanding, was simply that Overwatch was supposedly this compilation of pretty awesome people doing some cool stuff for the world and everything was fine up until the internal attack.

Which results in the actual game.

Now, I’ve been reading up on it and the thing is, Overwatch doesn’t seem that impossible to actually do in real life since it’s just a compilation of people just trying to do what they think is good.

So I’m inspired to create an “Overwatch” of my own but not really. I’m not looking to give everyone a gun and make everyone chase a flag but the idea is to compile people that genuinely want to do good things and put them all under one big umbrella to do just that with the only requirement being that you wanna do good too.

I mean, an idea like that is bound to go south quickly simply by the definition of what is exactly good and what isn’t but the entire idea is to just compile people to get their ideas off the ground and help them better themselves.

I mean, let’s face it, with the way 2016 has been, we kinda need a sign of hope in all the bedlam.

And with what I’m trying to do, you wouldn’t need to be the most smartest mind or the strongest body but the idea with what I want to do is that we could make you into what you want to be with no hassle because we want to make you into a better you simply because you want to be a better you….and a better you makes for a better world.

The idea is that once you show up in my group, you’ll be inspired to do things you want to do simply because it’s actually within reach instead of you having to struggle to find it.

Kinda like a free college, if you will.

Welp, now to get learning on how to start that up…but before that, I need to think of a name for this. “Overwatch” sounds like I’m trying to spy on you.


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