Hollywood needs a Jiminy Cricket

In all my blackness, I can’t seem to follow stuff that most black folk follow especially when it comes to specific celebrities and athletes that aren’t wrestlers that I don’t already know.

The way I see it, if they don’t have the time to interact with me, why should I follow them, y’know?

A friend of mine told me about Orlando Brown apparently having a meltdown or something but since I didn’t care to look into it, I thought he was just joking until I came across the video and the other video of Brown claiming to have performed oral sex on Raven Symone.

Now, I’m still slightly apathetic but it’s not because I’m not concerned about Orlando (because part of me is) but it’s because people are treating this like it’s a new concept.

Child stars are pretty much guaranteed to sorta go downhill because they’re in a situation where they’re practically given anything with little to no consequence and when you’re a kid, all you wanna do is run, scream and see exactly how much trouble you can get into before you call it quits. Eventually, they grow up to either be Brad Renfro, Andy Lawrence or Kirk Cameron with almost no in-between.

And that’s if you’re a guy…

The fact is simple, when you’re rich, successful and young, you wanna drive fast, you wanna drink, you REALLY wanna fuck and if you know enough about it, you wanna do as much drugs as possible.

This ain’t new shit.

If Orlando is on smack then it’s pretty obvious that someone told him it was pretty awesome and he tried it. The reason why I personally wouldn’t do smack is simply because I’ve seen junkies up close enough to hold conversations with them and when I saw how literally thin their skin is…it just gives me the willies.

Either way, since I got enough experience of the real world, I’d love to be a friend to some of these child stars.

Like a Jiminy Cricket to them to sorta explain to them the possibilities of why their possible decision may hinder them. Like a conscience or something. Like a Chucky Finster but not nearly as scared and twice as efficient, y’know?

I feel like they need someone in their life to remind them that the real world REALLY SUCKS and any stupid mistake can put them in that same predicament and that shit ain’t pretty.

I’d be okay with being that guy but celebrities don’t really care about me so I’ll just stick to being a fly on the wall.

Either way, after reading about Dana Plato some odd years back, I could never jeer someone in the process of a meltdown…mostly because I don’t follow celebrities enough to see them have one.


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