WWE Roadblock

Now, like other professional wrestling fans, I partake in the ritual of watching Professional Wrestling Pay-Per-Views at a friend’s place.

Since it wasn’t one of WWE’s big 4, there was no ceremonial pizza.

Look, overall, this wasn’t a horrendous show and I apologize for the bait title but I’m gonna bitch about Sasha Banks.

Look, I get it, the shtick about bringing in wrestlers from NXT to the main WWE roster is a bit of a burden because they now gotta compete for the high spot with some of WWE’s big stars and I get that.

But the whole process of the transition is that this wrestler managed to show out just that well to prove that they are worthy of having that much attention thrust at them because they’re that dang good.

What makes the stakes even higher is if you’re a woman!

For some time in wrestling, women have had to be put to a higher standard after WWE Creative (or lack thereof) realized that bra and panties matches weren’t cutting it and people genuinely wanted to see women in wrestling actually wrestle and good (go figure!).

And despite the greatness that is NXT’s Women Wrestling and #GiveDivasAChance, we still couldn’t quite break that mold after the travesty that was AJ Lee’s title run (the one that involved her getting humiliated in shows that weren’t Pay-Per-Views), Paige’s entire time on the main roster which was great starting off but fell flat after like her second title run and finally the entire Sasha/Charlotte thing.

I get it, WWE Creative is overworked with a lot of deadlines and corporate bullshit that they have to deal with but you’d think that after YEARS of watching wrestling and listening to the fans bitch about how bad some shows can actually be, those idiots could pull off something better than “give the fans Sasha after popular demand only to have her win the title at WWE RAW and lose the title the FOLLOWING PAY-PER-VIEW” (including her hometown! which I realize is actually a ritual after reading Booker T’s book).

For you non-fans out there reading, that’s the equivalent of “we’ll have someone win the title against their rival at a local event only to have them lose that same title the following night at the biggest show of that month”

Look, I’ll admit, I wasn’t too hype on Sasha Banks starting off (I love me some Bailey and I genuinely WANT Nia Jaxx…you heard me, right) but Banks’ proven time and time again to be a pretty dang good wrestler while being the flyest chick to rock the belt.

No shade on Charlotte Flair because I mean, let’s face it, she’s a specimen but the girl can’t talk.

Sasha Banks was pushed to be the total package that the crowd echoed that they wanted repeatedly but she’s currently three time Women’s champ with not one successful title defense….with each loss being to Charlotte!

Roadblock proved just how much WWE really seems to enjoy punishing people because right after the New Day apparently broke Demolition’s tag team title record (which they kinda did and they kinda didn’t), they lose the titles to Sheamus (boo!) and Cesaro (yay!) which kinda makes you question what’s gonna happen with the New Day now that they aren’t the men in charge anymore and let’s not forget how Rich Swann won and lost his match tonight too.

I’m not the kinda cat to say that the show was a hundred percent dreadful because for the most part, I kinda liked the matches but seeing Sasha lose like that is the equivalent of being told I’m gonna get punched and the punch still hurts after I get punched.

Sasha didn’t have to lose like that, bruh.

Plain and fucking simple.


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