Electoral Remedial College

Since no one really reads this anyway, I feel like I can say whatever I want.

With that being said, I’m just gonna come right out and say it.

The people that claim to be Republican are the nation’s dumbest people.

Their reasons that they voted for Trump are too dumb to take seriously, “Trump’s better than Hillary”.

To which I ask, how? Also, you are aware that more than 15 fucking people was running for President in 2016, right? (with the exception of people you can write in).

Or this one, “We voted for him because we were tired of being called racist!”.

Voting for a someone that may be racist because you were called racist is supposed to make you seem less racist?

Look, anyone that can read and know me personally know that I’m like…not a fan of Donald Trump but I’m also not a fan of actual words used in Politics.

When I was a kid growing up, I was almost always told that America was a “Democracy” and that being a “Democrat” or a “Republican” apparently was relevant and that supposedly the words “liberal” and “conservative” meant something.

As I mentioned before, these words don’t mean shit.

A republic is just a democracy where people vote for a representative, which is what America has been doing for years so that whole “America is a Democracy” and “your vote matters” shtick is a fucking crock.

What makes me hate the Electoral College is simply that it’s the most republic way of voting ever hence why it seems to benefit the Republicans the last two times it’s happened.

And rather than give us, the voters, a chance to talk to the electoral college voters that supposedly speak for everyone, we’re given the bit that our votes matter.

So on top of not giving airtime to all of the candidates (more than two people were running for President, if you think otherwise, you’re an idiot), we’re kept in the dark about specifically who’s votes actually matter.

What I can’t stand is so far we’ve had a lot of Dumpublicans say “if we get rid of the electoral college, then California would be the ones picking the President”..which is kinda dumb considering that if the rest of the country disagreed with California…

My biggest gripe is not with the Electoral College but how we’re thought that our votes matter when it’s actually those schmucks in the college and what makes this even dumber is that it completely takes away the rule that “more votes win” because now it’s like “yeah, Hillary technically won the most votes but not the election because the Electoral College was like “nah, the people don’t know what they want” and just gave it to Trump”.

To be honest, the Electoral College didn’t seem like a good idea back in the day either considering how biased and selective people were back in the day (I’m tired of bringing up how racist people were in the 1780’s on up). It just seemed like a way to keep people that the society of the time deemed undesirable from having their voices heard, fast forward a few years later, now it’s just another national “tradition” that seems to benefit republicans (Adams, Hayes, Harrison, Bush and now King Idiot).

Come to think of it, that may need to be looked into.


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