Hero vs. Hero

Y’know, as a guy that likes stuff dealing with superhero stories and things like that, y’learn about the competing fandoms and just sorta tolerate them.

I always had this one complaint though and it fueled from me watching a lot of things in Japanese where the concept was always “hero vs hero”.

Like, I love collaborations but why push the idea that genuinely decent beings that have saved the city/town/world/universe would somehow say “well, I’m sick of being happy go lucky and caring, let’s fight, other hero”.

Now, I understand if it’s a sparring session but you got fandoms going into dang near wars over who’d win a fight to the death between these two pretty decent (and not real) beings.

I mean, everyone’s like “Goku could kill Superman” and I’m just wondering “so who’s protecting Earth while they fight?”.

Also, how would that fight even start if they’re both aliens and have shown to be better people than actual people are. Like, I can’t see Goku and Superman starting shit with each other for any reason.

I mean, Batman vs. Superman? In any other kind of situation, the Joker and Lex Luthor would RUN Gotham and Metropolis the moment word gets out that something is taking up their adversaries time. Shit, Joker would paint Gotham red within the first week out of boredom!

The Civil War made sense in Marvel because it’s not like Tony and Cap said “hey, fuck being heroes and best friends, let’s scrap”.

Naw, the Civil War was pretty much like every disagreement ever where two people were forced to pick a side on something that changed everyone overall.

But in the case of like the Kamen Rider HvS War, it was just a case of Hongo telling Gaim “You ain’t no rider”. Now if you watch the Showas (which you may have not), Hongo was a pretty cool guy back in the day and wasn’t afraid to give the moniker of “Kamen Rider” to freakin’ V3 after the whole Bazooka Turtle thing but now he’s like “naw but Gaim ain’t shit, though” and that’s good enough reason to start a war between all the riders (including Ryuki who died, Stronger who technically died and Blade who disappeared before losing his powers)…The only saving grace of that movie was that we got a chance to see some Showa actors like Kamen Rider first (Fujioka) and  X (Hayami).

So this just shows that hero vs hero situations are almost pathetically put together just to give the fanbases something to go crazy about.

The fact is simple, I’m  tired of the hero vs. hero stuff that’s been going on forever and I wanna start seeing some discussions about villains vs villains just to see who could outdo the other, why ain’t that as prominent as heroes fighting each other anyway?


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