My Year in Review: 2016

Y’know, with a few hours of this year left, I honestly don’t feel much of an actual change and despite all the deaths, the flood, Alton Sterling’s murder, the recoiled cop killing, Trump’s corrupted victory, getting fired after five years, another year of crippling depression due to inadequacy and losing my gad-dang remote.

I’d like to point out the positives, or at least my positives.

Anyone that knows me personally knows that I’m more vocal about bad things that happen to me than good things and since they have no clue with what goes on with me, they assume I’m overreacting or just whining.

But anyone that’s lived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana know that this was a pretty fucked up year on a grand scale and on a personal level but…

Right after I got fired from my job, I went to Texas City, Texas to see a Reality of Wrestling show and be within the same space as Booker T, his lovely wife Sharmelle and Rey Mysterio. Book and Rey (and Jeff Hardy but that’s for later days, I still need to find that picture) are some of the biggest reasons why I wanted to be a wrestler in the first place so to be able to say that I managed to just talk to them is probably one of the best memories I’ll probably ever have ever.

The following week, I managed to take a picture with  Ethan Hawke which you can find on my Instagram: ““.

Despite losing my job, I managed to keep it just long enough to be guaranteed a pretty healthy income tax return (hopefully, the idiot-in-chief don’t do anything to disturb that) as something to live off of while I try to go back to school. I’m hopeful but I’m also realistic, working isn’t nearly as hard as actually getting the job but at least this gap between working a 8-4 and trying to make that next big step will be full of me trying to progress myself.

I mean, I’ve always wanted to be a wrestler so I’m pretty sure I can tough out being possibly homeless in Texas City or Florida to knock out a potential career in either Reality of Wrestling or WWE NXT which ain’t too far from Full Sail.

I could try my luck at the whole “go-to-California-and-be-an-actor” bit, I’m pretty sure I can at least get some paid extra jobs to at least feed myself.

My biggest regret is stopping school just so I could work long enough to have money to possibly pay for it so now that I don’t have a job, that’s one less thing to worry about.

I managed to be a part of not one but two local plays, nothing too big but I’m apparently nominated for an award but I assume that it was for simply “most reliable new guy” since I live maybe a good fifteen minute walk from the place.

My house didn’t get flooded but there was a lot of ruckus down the street from where Alton Sterling got shot and despite what those that lack in logic say, no ones’ homes were burned down and nothing was destroyed in my neighborhood.

I read a lot more books, even finishing some books I started as a child (Louis Sachars’ “Holes” and Eth Cliffords’ “Scared Silly) and because of my obsession with lists, I now have a Goodreads account to help me monitor that.

Not only that but thanks to the Library, I’ve been going back to practicing my languages and learning things again. I wanna get into the process of working out without equipment  and maybe picking up on some yoga but until then, I’ll just stick to reading about it until I can find a place not elevated off the ground.

And finally, I managed to get over ten people following me on WordPress which I’m genuinely surprised about considering how little of an impact I think I have on practically anything I try.

I mean, despite all the ups and downs (and there were a lot of downs), I can sorta at least admit that my 2016, in all it’s dreadfulness was one I managed to power on through. I’m honestly not expecting 2017 to be awesome but the idea is that I’m at least okay enough to not suffer as horribly as I did this year.

Wow, finished this with six hours to spare.

Well, here’s to a pretty okay 2017 because looking back, my 2016 was dreadful but not completely grim.

-drinks water, because I don’t drink alcohol-


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