So I haven’t been online in a while so I figure I’ll just do a recap of what’s been going on.

First off, in a state of desperation after losing my job, I decided to relocate with my cousin in California and have been here in Hanford for two days.

In these two (maybe three) days, I’ve learned a few things.

One, it takes FOREVER to get out of Texas on the way to California. It may be better to take a freakin’ bus or something so at least I’m not the one driving and I can get to sleep as long as I need to.

I mean, SHIT, that’s twelve freakin’ hours of like mountains and shit.

Those were some sweetass mountains, though.

I also learned that I shouldn’t just up and leave a place during tax season. Like as of now, all I have is my W-2 from work which means that I’m probably gonna do my taxes on my own and end up with no actual return since all my paperwork from last year is back in Louisiana.

So now I need a job because that extra 2K I get every tax season may not happen and I gotta find a way to survive off of the money I got.

I’m giving myself a month before I leave because I expect that I’m either gonna flub up a chance to get a job or my cousin (bless the man’s heart) will probably get sick of me.

My cousin is a pretty awesome guy though, he’s one of those lesser nerdy introverts. I mean, I’ve been here for at least two days ┬ánow and it’s like living with an older version of myself. Every so often, we have conversations with each other just to remind each other we’re in the same building, plus we share a style in cuisine (Pobre a la mode).

In the past few days, he’s been helping me look for a job because his vehicle can make the trips, so far I’ve threw out like fourteen applications at the Navy base where he used to be stationed at before applying for the local training place for potential job opportunities. I’m pretty sure I could have done this back at Baton Rouge but with my parents vehicles, I wasn’t gonna risk their vehicles for something that may or may not work for me.

Either way, I started off over here being productive as heck and I hope I can get a job before I start losing everything.

I’m ready to make this big step official but I still miss Baton Rouge.


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