Why Trump won’t be the next Hitler

Since Trump became the first president of Dumbfuckistan, there’s been a lot of backlash from all sides.

Trump despising the media.

The media despising Trump.

The pundits having a field day with everything that’s been going on.

Trump has already signed some things, appointed some people and managed to have Congress nuzzling his orange ass but he’s not gonna be the downfall of America.

Too many smart people don’t like the guy.

Here’s the thing, since he’s been in office, he’s tried to make it seem like actual fact is fiction, science isn’t really a thing and everything is just going smoothly.

The problem is that while his dwindling devotees feel this way, a bunch of people just don’t.

I say “dwindling” because now you have people who are on the ACA who are lamenting the possibility of losing their healthcare, you have people who are trying to buy houses or are paying for their homes in a bit of a disarray after what happened with the FHA and then there’s the women who’ve been using Planned Parenthood for things other than abortions who…can’t.

The way I see it, the only people that are gonna be happy about Trump being President in a few months are gonna be rich white guys because they’re the only one who can actually capitalize on it but they’re in such dire fear of being the minority that it’s pretty obvious that their viewpoint will not matter in the upcoming civil war/great depression.

In the past few days, King Retard has been resisted by Greenpeace, National Parks and just women (along with those who empathize with women) as an entirety and these are just the trial periods.

It’s becoming a case of “you can’t take us all down”.

Listen, I’m not saying that Trump is the worst President in the country because that’ll be unfair to the other Presidents that have had the mantle before him, however you’d think that with the history that America has and the history that we’ve retained from all the other countries (such as the Holocaust, the stuff that happened in the Middle East and most of Africa) that there’d be some kinda big ol’ sign that says “MAKE SURE NOT TO DO THIS SHIT AGAIN” and despite practically everything, the “great again” part is still pretty ambiguous.

No smart person is gonna completely discredit the media as trash that  is just saying mean things about Trump when Trump himself confirms it.

No smart person is gonna just completely overlook the decisions he makes.

He’s under the microscope and things may get a little hectic if he and his collection of damaged cronies decide to do some acts of stupid to ruin the nation that he claimed was already jacked up from the get-go.

Hitler had devoted follower that supported what he did and they were sorta the majority.

Trump don’t.

There will be no second Holocaust. Smart people won’t let that happen.


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